Juul is spending $10 million on a TV ad campaign aimed at adults, amid criticism that its e-cigarettes get teens hooked

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    By Meira GebelJan 11, 2019, 2:40 pm101 pts

    Young girl holding her juul and vaping

    • Juul, the popular e-cigarette company, announced it will be launching a $10 million TV advertisement campaign featuring ex-cigarette smokers who have made the switch to Juul's e-cigarettes.
    • This comes after the company experienced a tumultuous year, as health officials and regulators criticized its use of social media ads and flavor options, considered to be aimed at underage teens.
    • Juul is pitching the commercials as aimed at adults who already have a nicotine habit, rather than encouraging people to develop a new one.
    • Juul is valued at $38 billion and took an additional $12.8 billion in funding last month from tobacco giant Altria.

    One of Silicon Valley's most controversial startups, the $38 billion e-cigarette company Juul, told CNBC this week that it is launching a $10 million TV ad campaign — touting the slogan "Make the Switch" to adults who are looking to stop the time-consuming and expensive act of smoking cigarettes.

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