How to Make a Cheap Macro

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    Do you love photography? Do you love making macros? Here, you will find information about how to make macro lenses with the help of details from old cyber cameras. There is no need to purchase expensive lens attachments when you can make a cheap macro. Now, you can also make smart money with the help of an online casino at free ruletka. Here are the steps to make your own cheap macro.

    Material List

    These are the things you need:

    • Smart Phone,
    • Small Precision Screwdriver,
    • Age-old Cheap Cyber Camera,
    • Wire Cutter,
    • Flathead Screwdriver,
    • Loctite Fun-Tak,
    • File.

    Disassemble the Camera

    Once you have found that digital camera, remove its battery and all screws that may keep you from opening it. Every digital camera is made different, so you need to disassemble accordingly. You just need to be safe and gentle to avoid damaging the lens. Also, avoid taking shock with any charge.

    Disassemble the Lens Assembly

    You need lenses that are located in front of the optical sensor. Just be careful while unscrewing the lens assembly of a camera. Once you have disassembled the lens assembly, you can discard the remainder of the camera and save these details for any other project. Next, test the lens with your phone. If you are unable to take a macro picture, the assembly may need to be taken apart even further.

    Prepare Lens

    The lens will likely operate; one of the ways is to hold it in purpose to take a larger picture. You can attach it to your phone smoothly. Moreover, you can use the wires to cut the plastic bits off to prevent them from lying flat. Finally, you can make use of a file and avoid scratching the glass.

    Attach Lens to Your Phone

    The idea of using Loctite isn't, but it is fast and simple. It won't harden any fragments of the adhesive, and so they can wipe off. However, it can get into the phone's crannies and nooks, and you may not be able to take it off. Instead, find a suitable way to attach a lens to your phone. You can make use of a removable Loctite Fun-Tak to attach a lens to your device.

    Test the New Macro Lens

    Once you are done, try your new lens, and don't forget that the focal distance of the attachments is minimal, so you need a sufficient amount of light on the item to take a clear and high-quality picture. Unfortunately, most of the light will be blocked with the phone and lens, and you can make use of a flashlight for extra light to take a good picture.

    Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you to make a cheap macro lens and take your photography to a higher level. You may follow the mentioned steps to make a cheap macro lens easily.

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