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    By Ryan KairerOct 23, 2015, 5:39 pm443.8k ptsInsanely GreatTop

    Where Am I App IconWhere Am I is a new travel tool and navigational assistant for iOS and Apple Watch. The app provides instant location information at a glance allowing users to quickly find out what city they are in and what interesting locations are around the area. It also offers a set of tools such as a built in speedometer, compass and local search feature making it a formidable travel tool.

    When launched the app provides a handy overview of your current location along with a compass guided map. The current city and approximate address are right at hand along with some additional details such as the current neighborhood, county, state and altitude. You can tap to share your position along with a map screenshot and URL for handy reference.

    The app also features a map which displays nearby points of interest around your current location. Tapping on a spot brings up a handy Wikipedia article that goes into the history and background of locations in your area.

    Where Am I also works great on the Apple Watch giving you one tap access to your current city and address, coordinates, altitude and location on a map.

    Where Am I is a free app and available now on the App Store.

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