What Technology Can be Used to Communicate With Ghosts?

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    Ever since the dawn of time people have been trying to communicate with the spirit realm. Some of the earlier, pre-technology methods for contacting the dead were through Chinese Fuji writing, Ouija boards, transfiguration, thought forms, and past life regression, with most of these done through the aid of a psychic medium. Mixed success can be achieved through these, depending on the abilities of the psychic. With technology advancing, a combination of these old systems along with new devices could be the best way to get in touch with ghosts.

    Why do People Want to Get in Touch With Ghosts?

    What happens after death is one of the few things that remains uncertain, and science has yet to come up with a conclusion about the afterlife. For this reason, there is a great interest in trying to contact the deceased to prove that there is something beyond this plane of existence.

    Another reason is that a lot of people have not found a resolution with those who have passed away. They may feel as though there are many things they wanted to tell a loved one, for instance, that they didn't have a chance to. One of the most common ways to do this is to talk to a psychic who may be able to pass on a message to someone beyond the grave. This can be done online nowadays, where there are free psychic readings available to people in search of spiritual help. Communicating with a deceased person can give family members peace of mind that they are in a safe place and at rest. It can also be used as a way for historians to find out more about a certain location.

    For example, physics may be able to pick up on past pains at a certain place, allowing historians to deduce that atrocities had occurred there before. The Tower of London, for example, is known for being one of the most haunted places in the world due to the history associated with it.

    What Are The Most Effective Methods of Contact?

    Aside from using physics to contact the spirit world, various newfangled contraptions are helping to make the process even easier. One of the most commonly-used devices by ghost hunter teams is the EMF meter, which measures electromagnetic fields in the airwaves. If these aren't being caused by faulty wires or radio waves, it could mean there is a spirit in the vicinity.

    One recent upgrade on the Ouija board for actually asking questions to a ghost is the spirit box. Users are required to be within three meters of a ghost with the lights off and should be aware that shy ghosts may not respond to questions. To use the spirit box, the person wishing to contact the spirit asks questions and the answers appear in writing on the box.

    It seems that a combination of technology and people with psychic abilities is helping us make stronger connections with the deceased. Perhaps a few more years of technological progress will allow for even more detailed conversations with ghosts.

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