The Five Most Popular Online Casino Games

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    Although online gambling is still relatively new, there is already a massive library of casino games in various forms to choose from. If you can find a game at a brick-and-mortar casino, there is probably an online version available.

    If you are struggling to find an online casino game that piques your interest, consider one of the five most popular options listed below. These games seem to have taken over the virtual gambling world.

    Online Casino Slots

    Slot games have been, and will probably always be, the most popular attraction when it comes to casino games. With tons of fun themes and great promotions, it's no wonder people flock to these machines (live and virtual).

    At free sweeps cash casinos, you are handed another bonus when you hit the slots, with free coins and spins given to you for fun, free gaming.

    Whether you are risking a few dollars for some online gambling or taking the safe road with sweepstake sites, online casino slot games are definitely worth a try.

    Different types of slots to check out include

    • Multi-play
    • 3D slots
    • VR slots
    • Classic slots
    • Progressive jackpots

    Poker and Video Poker

    Poker is one of the most popular card games out there, with many famous movies and television shows using this game to create drama and action.

    Unlike how it is shown on the big screen, online casino poker is more exciting than dangerous, and it allows players to combine strategic skill, luck, and low house advantage to win real money or free coins.

    Types of poker games you can try include

    • Video poker
    • Texas hold'em
    • Caribbean stud
    • Pot limit
    • Pai gow

    Blackjack Online

    If you are unfamiliar with the game, blackjack comes in various forms and gameplay, with the same overall strategy at its core. You can choose from selections such as

    • Vegas strip
    • Blackjack switch
    • Perfect pairs
    • Double exposure
    • Zombie blackjack

    The key to playing a good game of online blackjack is to find a top-quality, reputable casino with favorable variants offering players the benefit of low house advantage.

    Online Roulette

    Although roulette games are relatively simple in strategy, there are various ways you can set them up online to keep things interesting.

    With options such as double-ball, pinball, mini roulette, and 3D games, this online game is a favorite amongst gamblers of all skill levels.

    You can choose from

    • Live dealer
    • No zero
    • French roulette
    • American roulette
    • European roulette
    • And more

    Craps Casino Game

    Dice games are also on the list of popular virtual casino games. Craps is one of these, with players tossing or shooting dice in the hopes of rolling various combinations.

    While you can't exactly "shoot" the dice, your online controls can, making the game easy to play and offering an opportunity to win a significant amount of money with the "right" roll.

    Try one of many options, including

    • Low limit
    • High limit
    • Crapless craps
    • Bank craps
    • Simplified craps

    The Top 5 Specialty Casino Games Online

    You don't have to play a typical casino game to have a fun online gambling experience. There are various flash games that players can utilize that require little to no money at all.

    1. Bingo⎯yes, you can play Bingo online, and it is considered a casino game. This option is extremely popular and comes in a ton of great themes and various gameplay selections.
    2. Solitaire⎯this an excellent choice for those who enjoy playing card games solo. You can wager on these games, with each move paying out a pre-determined prize (i.e., each card placed on the foundation provides the player 3x their wager).
    3. Scratch-offs⎯these games are actually an online casino option. Just like regular scratch-off lotto tickets, players are given an online "card" and can scratch the surface to reveal the possible prize lying underneath. If you choose to play this game to win real cash, make sure you are on a reputable, well-known site.
    4. Keno⎯this is another "traditional" lotto game that's played by millions in the hopes of winning millions. This game allows players to pick numbers (usually between 10 and 20) from a table with numbers 1−99. If your number is chosen, you win a prize.
    5. Space Invaders⎯while this game goes by many names, they all have the same concept, place a wager as your rocket, plane, missile, etc. ascends, and bail before it crashes. The higher you get, the more multipliers you earn, but if you crash, you lose.

    Final Thoughts

    There isn't a one-size-fits-all when it comes to online casino games. You must find which option you feel most comfortable with, and which is easy for you to understand. Any of the games listed above are great places to start on your journey to online casino fun.

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