You Can Organize The Perfect Gaming Marathon With These Great Tips

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    Sure, Valentines Day is coming up. But if youre single or recently unattached, the last thing you want to do with your best bros (or girlfriends, no judgment here!) is watch a weepy marathon of romantic comedies. Instead, take an active stance and invite your friends over a full weekend of video games. And were not talking about Wii Fit.

    Any Playstation 4 owner will tell you that the absolute best games are designed with the PS4 in mind. Sure, their incredible graphics and storyline would make any game stand out, but the intuitive design, screen resolution and controller handling on this system make for a completely immersive experience. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn could be considered one of Playstations flagship games and is a perfect fit for the systems wireless controller. You may also find a lot of comfort in this elaborate RPG about a group of heroes battling an evil overlord while also coming to terms with their messed-up interpersonal dynamics. (Remind you of your ex, yet?)

    If youre going to organize a gaming marathon this Valentines Day, take some time and batten down the hatches. Make sure that you have plenty of snacks to keep your energy and concentration up and plan for at least one group activity that involves a walk outside. Take a poll amongst your gamer fans and rent or buy a variety of games for everyones interests. For a more twisted take on V-Day, you could play Grand Theft Auto V and take your broken heart out on the entire area of the fictional San Andreas. (Nothing says emotional catharsis like the endless mayhem this game provides.) Plan a full schedule to test out your new PS4s capabilities and make sure to offer a variety of multi-player games so everyone has a chance to get into the fun. You can rent or download new games for the Playstation via Redbox, available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

    Another important detail to consider for your epic gaming marathon is taking good care of your systems controllers and console. You didnt drop all that cold hard cash on a brand new PS4 only to have some buddies come over and destroy the thing. Any experienced gamer knows that controllers are especially vulnerable to damage they get beat up a lot. The console can overheat when excess dust and grime finds its way into the fan belt. No one wants a weekend of gameplay to be ruined by malfunctioning software. You can make sure this doesnt happen by investing in state-of-the-art protection for your controllers and console made from high quality 3M vinyl.

    Playstation skins are an affordable covering that slip on like a sticker and cover every inch of your controllers and console system perfectly. They act as a protective barrier against the dirt, grime, dust, liquid spills and excess sweat that can ruin any game. A long session of gaming can be stressful and emotional and these skins will save your PS4. Best of all, they come in all kinds of cool colours and designs when you purchase them from the right retailer. The savvy online company dbrand offers PS4 skins for the console and controller in looks ranging from silver titanium, faux wood paneling to red carbon fiber. Their products are guaranteed to last and can be removed without residue remaining on the system. To see their styles and pricing, head to for more information.

    Sure, your great love might have left you with nothing but a Playstation for company. But misery loves company and this Valentines Day is no different. By fully preparing for the best gaming marathon ever with unique PS4 skins, you can enjoy your friends company and put your new system to the limit.

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