Instantly Find Your Location with Where Am I

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    By Ryan KairerSep 11, 2015, 8:48 pm9.2k ptsInsanely Great

    Where Am I is a new iOS and Apple Watch app from MobileInfocenter. Where Am I is a navigational assistant that instantly provides location details. Wondering what town or neighborhood you're in? Where Am I will display the city, address and coordinates and more. You can also discover, search and share interesting places and businesses around you. One tap sharing lets you send a map with your location with ease.

    Ever stare out your window on the freeway and wonder where you are? Know where you are at all times as Where Am I is the perfect road trip and travel companion. In addition to its ability to help you learning about and discover your surroundings, it has a built in speedometer and compass.

    Where Am I also works great on the Apple Watch giving you one tap access to your current city and address, coordinates, altitude and location on a map.

    Where Am I is a free app and available now on the App Store.


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