3 Tech Tools to Consider for the Digital Classroom

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    It is important for practitioners to stay ahead of the learning curve. This can be done by implementing new digital resource and tools that will help them in teaching. While you can always try out new things with this, knowing how to increase classroom engagement can pose a significant challenge.

    There is never short of learning and teaching materials which can be used in a digital classroom. In this article, we are going to take a look at three tech tools that you should consider for the digital class.

    #1. Adobe spark.

    Adobe Spark is a tech that allows users to design visual content in the form of web design, videos and posts. The tech tool has three components. The first component is the spark post that creates a visual of what a user would like to convey. The second tool is the spark video that gives learners a wide range of features such as video images and clips to send their message.

    The final component of the Adobe Spark is the spark page that allows users to curate their content and images to something that reveals their personality. You can create unique content and customize it according to your desire.

    Adobe Spark has a wide range of features which can be useful in the learning situation. You can embed whatever you have created with the tool into a management system or upload it on YouTube. Although there is a free option, you can choose to upgrade to a premium account which has tonnes of branding features. The tool is available as both a website and a mobile app which you can download on the Apple Store.

    #2. Quizlet.

    Are you looking for a quiz setting tool that will help you in the classroom? Quizlet is what you need to have, and the best part is that signing up is completely free. Learners can also use the device if they are looking to study. For instance, for a learner it has five modes; Learn, Flashcards, Write, Match and Test.

    The tool advocates for students recalling information the same way they would spend time reading. This method helps students to increase their scores and performance at large. The best part is that the tool is also available in the form of a mobile app. Using it in a phone makes it easy to access it whenever and wherever a student is located. Creating an account is very easy, and once you are done, you can start using it as soon as possible.

    #3. Remind.

    What are the consequences of practitioners texting their students? A while ago this might have seemed like an irregularity, but it is a digital age. According to studies which were conducted on students in Ohio and West Virginia it was discovered that students who received texts from their professor performed better than those who didn't. One digital tool that aids teachers to communicate with their students is Reminder. It requires a teacher to set up a course with the device. The students are required to create an account with Reminder, and from henceforth they can send and receive messages either through SMS, email or the web. The tool is significant because it will help students keep track of the Learning Management System. Secondly, it provides an easy way that instructors can communicate with their student. Also, it provides a healthy way that learners and instructors can interact.

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