Top 10 Car Tech Trends in 2019

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    Every year the car industry is bombarded with new tech trends. It can be hard to keep up with, but this article is going to keep you up to date. Even if you love playing online games with, we are sure you love cars. So, what's happening when it comes to car tech?

    The Top Ten Car Tech Industry Trends of 2019

    Here is a look at the top ten car trends that you should be aware of in 2019.

    #1. Flying Cars.

    If you thought that the concept of flying cars is only attainable in SciFi movies, then you are wrong. It is predicted that the first ever Flying Car AirSpeeder Mark 1 will be released in 2020. The car is a product of Alausa which is an Australian motor company.

    #2. Automotive vehicles.

    It's nearly there! Driverless technologies have seen a lot of automotive companies becoming interested in how they operate things. There are some car brands such as Tesla, Ford, Honda, BMW, General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen and Uber who are trying out this concept. For instance, a company such as Toyota launched its self driving car dubbed e-Pallete which is for delivering, sharing rides and e-commerce services.

    #3. AI Control and Smart Parking.

    Smart parking will ensure that your car is parked at the perfect spot.

    #4. Voice Control

    Have you heard of Google AndroidAuti? How about Apple CarPlay? Well, the days for driving are behind us because it is now easy to command your car to move from point A to B with voice control.

    #5. Longer dash display.

    It was the idea of Byton to start this new trend. The Chinese car manufacturer designed the M-Bite with a 48-inch screen dash display. Moreover, it has a tablet in the middle of the car steering wheel.

    #6. Superfast Cars.

    McLaren's will never cease to amaze us. It has developed Albert which is the fastest car in the world. It has the capability of 403km/h.

    #7. Electric Vehicles.

    Formulae E is the only sport which is trying out electric cars. This trend is picking up very fast with Cadillac about to release its new electric SUV.

    #8. VR

    Are you ready to experience the full VR experience entrenched in the motion of car? Well, Audi launched a chloride which will give you a VR experience where you can play various games such as Iron Man or the Avengers.

    #9. Digital Safety

    The Use of AR is creating a more safe environment for drivers. It is through the use if AR technology that drivers can have the chance to see through traffic.

    #10. Digital Manufacturing

    AR has also found itself in the car manufacturing sector. It is revamping how cars are designed and manufactured. A lot of car brands are using AR to develop various prototypes which are saving time and money.

    Let us know which are some of the car trends that you are impressed and interested in this year.

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