7 Text Editing and Proofreading Techniques for Blog Owners

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    What is the key to turning each blog post into a real masterpiece? It is an eye-catching title, a relevant and engaging topic, a neat and consistent style, visual elements, or unique content. This is what anyone would say.

    While all that is true, none of this will bring the desired result unless you proofread and edit each post carefully.

    Although the content matters, it is the grammar, consistency, style, and word choices that form the base. That's why every blog owner should know about some of the best ways to proofread and polish their posts.

    In this article, you will find top tips, ways, and tools. Consider it as a guide to effective and simple editing.

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    Turn to Professionals

    There is no need to sugarcoat it - proofreading can be hard. It takes lots of time, attention, and excellent knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

    Besides, it requires having an eye for what makes a piece great. If you lack any of that or a simply are inexperienced in proofreading, it makes pretty good sense to opt for professional services.

    There are lots of online services that provide writing, proofreading, and editing help. One reliable platform you can turn to, https://essaypro.com/custom-essay.html, employes talented and experienced writers. They know how to turn your text into a masterpiece.

    Read the Text Out Loud

    This tip may sound a bit odd to some, but it is an effective one.

    When reading out the text, it becomes easier to spot different types of errors. Besides, it gives you a better sense of how everything flows and how understandable the lines are.

    Verify Key Data

    When it comes to proofreading, most people tend to focus on grammar and punctuation. Many tend to omit key data, such as facts, dates, names, etc.

    Thus, the next tip is to pay more attention to verifying crucial information.

    Check the piece multiple times. And if you feel like proofreading is too much for you, keep in mind that you can order proofreading or editing services from an essay writing help https://essayhub.com/. There are writers specializing in proofread, meaning they are trained to spot the smallest mistakes.

    One of the best proofreading techniques is to revise each piece several times.

    As a rule, checking a post only once is not enough. If you do it multiple times, you should be able to notice some less obvious issues and weak points.

    Give Yourself Some Rest

    Another effective technique implies engaging in proofreading a few days after you finish writing the text itself.

    Once done with writing, set it aside for a few days to get back to a piece with a fresh and rested mind.

    Create Your Own Style Guide

    Consistency is one of the vital things for the success of a blog.

    Being a blog owner, you want to have style consistency. This should be evident in every article, which is why it is helpful to have a specific style guide.

    Sticking to it, you can ensure that all pieces of content are formatted, styled, and written similarly.

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    The Last Tip: Use Editing Tools

    The proofreading tips given above can be handy for polishing your content. However, we all know how tedious and time-consuming proofreading and editing can be. This is why it is vital to have a few tools at hand to make the process simpler.

    Top 5 Handy Editing Tools for Blow Owners

    In the list below, you can find an ultimate list of top five great services, apps, and software every blog owner should have in a toolkit:

    Hemingway Editor

    If you want to create excellent pieces of content that read and sound good, then this is just the right tool for you.

    Hemingway Editor helps writers make their texts clear and intuitive. The app is free of charge and available right from the browser.


    Grammarly is by far the most popular and widely used tool for detecting errors in content. This app is available both online and in the form of an extension for Microsoft Word.

    The biggest benefit is that it easily detects a variety of mistakes and makes helpful suggestions. These regard grammar, punctuation, style, word choice, structure, and more.


    Our next pick is a smart app that offers all editing tools a blog owner may need in one place!

    ProWritingAid is an app that combines spelling and grammar checkers with a plagiarism detector. This is a reliable helper for every writer.

    Cliche Finder

    Cliches can sometimes play a bad joke with your content, and detecting them can be rather hard. This next tool is meant for identifying cliches.

    Cliche Finder analyzes your pieces and makes suggestions on what structures to get rid of to make your writing clean.


    The last tool on our list is an intuitive but effective app for writing and editing blog posts. ByWord offers a variety of handy features, including synchronization of the content across all devices and a possibility to publish edited pieces directly to the blog.

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