Smart Tech Gadgets for College That Cost $100 or Less

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    Aug 10, 2020, 1:15 pm1.2k pts

    Smart technology is not only the wave of the future, we're in the middle of it now. Today, you can find everything from smart fridges to smart toilets, but what about tech you can use to make college life a little easier? These are some of the most accessible and affordable tech college students can buy without spending a fortune.

    amazon echo speaker

    Echo Speaker - $99.99

    When it comes to college tech, the Amazon Echo is hard to beat. Many students take out student loans and want to invest funds in meaningful ways. Private student loans can be adjusted to account for additional school-related expenses. Spending wisely means choosing to buy things that benefit you in the long run. The voice-activated AI, Alexa, can turn the Echo into one of your most valuable resources. Set reminders for homework, update your schedule with a simple command and stay on top of deadlines without having to be glued to your phone. If space is limited in the dorms, you can also buy an Echo Dot for $50. This smaller version of the popular smart speaker performs all of the same features in miniature form.

    Smart Light Bulbs - $19.99 and up

    Technology is taking mood lighting to the next level. Smart LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are adjusted using an app on your smartphone. Change the intensity or hue, or program the lights to turn on or off with your voice. The features will vary among models and price ranges, but for anyone who is new to home tech and looking for a bit of fun, these are an easy and affordable choice. LED bulbs also last longer than their incandescent counterparts and consume much less energy, so they're a great choice for the eco-conscious student to bring to school.

    Hidrate Smart Water Bottle - $49.99

    Do you often forget to drink enough water? Hidrate will light up periodically to remind you that it's time to replenish. It also connects to your Apple or Android phone via Bluetooth to track your water consumption and sync up with FitBit, Apple Watch and other fitness apps. Simple and unobtrusive, a smart water bottle is a portable piece of smart tech you can take anywhere.

    Gosund Mini WiFi Smart Plugs - $22.99

    Pair up your smart plugs with your Google Assistant or Amazon Echo, or just power it with your voice. You might wonder why you even need a smart plug if your outlets work just fine. Although you can certainly power everything the same with traditional hardware, smart plugs offer greater control over your electricity consumption. Gosund plugs can schedule devices and applicants to turn on or off at specific times. They are also able to be activated without having to get up and touch anything, making them ideal for disabled college students or anyone with limited mobility. It's best to opt for portable smart tech like plugs for college because you can install them without having to cause any damage to your dorm room or apartment.

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