Excellent Ideas to Speed up Macbook Performance

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    Sep 28, 2020, 5:37 pm1.4k pts

    There are times when you are unable to work with your Mac because it does not stop stuttering. In some cases, the computer even crashes, and it takes a long time for it to reboot. Performance problems are not that common for Macbooks as they are quite reliable. However, if you are experiencing such issues a lot, waiting for everything to solve on its own is a waste of resources.

    macbook performance

    Do not wait around and take a proactive approach. Use the ideas mentioned below and create a solid computer maintenance strategy. That ought to keep your Macbook in the best possible shape.

    Idea #1 – Delete Junk Files

    The sheer number of temporary junk files, like backups or app extensions, might not take the most amount of hard drive space, but it is still a hindrance to the overall performance. And when there is more of such data than the computer can handle, do not be surprised to experience performance problems.

    Using a cleanup utility tool is probably the best option. Such software does not cost that much. In fact, it is one of the better investments you can make, especially since you will need to remove temporary files on a regular basis.

    Idea #2 – Free up Hard Drive Space

    Lack of hard drive space is quite common. Moreover, newer Macbook models tend to have SSDs for performance improvements, but they offer even less storage.

    Users need to readjust their approach to managing files. It would be better to subscribe to more streaming services, so you do not have to keep large media files like movies or TV shows on the computer. Keeping close tabs on stuff like email attachments, downloads, old applications, and other useless files is also a good piece of advice.

    Finally, you can transfer some stuff to external storage devices and clouds would also free up disk space. And the latter option is free unless you decide to upgrade your basic plan.

    Idea #3 – Disable Visual Effects

    Visual effects are similar to background applications in the sense that they are consuming system resources. But the worst thing is that these effects offer nothing of value. You should look to disable them and free up some system resources that could be used better.

    Idea #4 – Optimize Your Browser

    macbook desktop

    An internet browser could cause the most problems. Some people have issues only when they are surfing the net. The problem usually lies in the fact that there are too many extensions and add-ons.

    A number of users also have a habit of opening multiple tabs at the same time. And some browsers require too many resources for each tab, even if the tab itself is idle. Look to change things up by optimizing your browser. Or, as an alternative, you can also try a different browser as there are quite a few available options for that.

    Idea #5 – Declutter Desktop

    A cluttered desktop is one of the things you should avoid. It is a bad habit to have because you will get used to accessing files with a single click.

    Look to relocate files to proper folders and avoid having any icons on the desktop. It might not seem apparent, but each file on the desktop is consuming resources.

    And in case you are worried about problems finding files, remember that there is the search feature.

    Idea #6 – Stop Memory Leaks

    Applications that have been running for a while start to misuse the memory and distribute it to locations where it should not go. The simplest solution is to restart the computer. You would benefit quite a bit by restarting the computer every few hours. And if it takes too long for random applications to load every time, disable those in the system settings.

    Idea #7 – Install System Updates

    Updates are something you need to prioritize. Whenever there is a new version out, click on the "update" button and install it. And it should not be just the system updates. Even an application that you use frequently can benefit from updates. Stability, performance, security, and other improvements are always welcome.

    Idea #8 – Check for Potential Viruses

    Viruses and malware could be the ones causing you the most problems. Computers that have poor antiviruses are prone to cybersecurity threats. You need to ensure that there are no corrupted files on the computer. Scan the disk and remove any potential threats if they are found.

    Idea #9 – Remove Filth From the Inside

    Dust and dirt that accumulates over time will cause a lot of issues, including crashes and freezing while you are using the Macbook. A loud noise from the internal fans as well as overheating are the two signs that warn of too much dust inside.

    The filth should be removed regularly. And if you are afraid of doing the work yourself, take the computer to a service store and let the professionals handle everything.

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