What To Expect From The iPhone 12

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    It's that time of the year again, a new iPhone is due to be released, very soon actually. The release date is set for October 23rd, if you really want to get your hands on one you can preorder it now from many carriers.

    iPhone 12 pro colors

    What, you expected more? Most people just jump at the chance to get a new Apple device, they don't even need to know what it does! But you, you want to know more? Okay, I've got you, no problem!

    So, the new iPhone is available in a few different models which feature a new design, the new design is rather nice actually, the 12 and 12 mini have an aluminum border similar to the iPhone 4 or 5 with a glass back, the Pro models however feature a stainless steel border with a textured MATT finish glass back and stainless steel borders. It comes in FOUR variants, the iPhone 12 mini (starting at £699), the iPHone 12 (starting at £799), the iPhone 12 PRO (starting at £999) and finally the iPhone 12 PRO MAX (starting at £1,099), the Pro comes in 4 colours, Graphite, Silver, Gold and Pacific Blue, all 4 available in 128/256/512GB options. The normal iPhone 12 and the mini come in some brighter colours, you know, just so you can tell you didn't buy the PRO model, right? These models are available in White, Black, Blue, Green and (PRODUCT)RED, again these colours are available in 64/128/256GB variants.

    iPhone 12 colors

    So that's the design sorted, what about the specs? We'll start with the Pro & Pro MAX because they're the flagships after all. Both of these devices feature the next generation Apple A14 Bionic Chip, so you can guarantee these things are going to be rapid, they BOTH feature HDR technology, True Tone & Wide Colour displays with haptic touch. They both have a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio with 800/1200 nits max brightness. They claim to have a fingerprint resistant display which is interesting . . . But given the 2 models what size are the displays? The Pro features a 6.1" 2532x1170 Super Retina XDR display while the Pro MAX sports a 6.7" 2778x1284 resolution display, unfortunately these devices don't feature a HIGH (90/120hz) refresh rate display, they share the 60hz refresh rate of the iPhone 11, BOOO! It's thought that these phones will feature 6GB of RAM which, if that's the case they will be the first iPhones to feature 6GB! Moving with the times in some ways but not others it seems.

    The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini feature the same A14 Bionic Chip, so you can expect similar performance, the same technology in the Super Retina XDR display however these models feature 625/1200 nits max brightness as opposed to the 800/1200 of the Pro models, the difference basically being the size, of the displays. The Mini has a 5.4" 2340x1080 resolution display and the regular iPhone 12 features a 6.1" 2532x1170 resolution display. Again, only 60hz refresh rate and a little bit less RAM than the Pro models, these guys only feature 4GB, however that is the same amount of RAM as all 3 models of the iPhone 11 which released last year.

    All 4 models of this phone will be available with 5G network capability, which again is a step in the right direction for Apple, since all models of the iPhone 11 were only available with 4G.

    So, we've gone over the design, we've run through the specs and I did a brief mention of the prices, but with so many variations on one single phone you're going to need to know all the prices right? So here we go, I've put together a little table for you folks!






    iPhone 12 Mini





    iPhone 12





    iPhone 12 Pro





    iPhone 12 Pro MAX





    £1399 is a LOT for their best model, highest capacity phone, right?

    My history is a LITTLE mixed, my first ever smartphone was an iPhone 3G but after that I've never had another iPhone, I swapped to the Galaxy S2 and haven't looked back since, I'm currently rocking a white/black Google Pixel 4XL. I usually love the design of Apple devices and honestly this new generation is no different, I REALLY like the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max, but honestly, for that price I would just rather not, especially since I've been out of the iOS loop for so long I'd be relearning how to use my phone and I'd have to redownload all my apps. Thankfully Apple are pretty rigorous with their vetting of apps so you'll only find things like the most trusted mobile betting apps, games and useful tools, and if you've used them before on an old iPhone, they'll be able to be imported to the latest model you get at the push of a button.

    ANYWAY, that's pretty much all there is to know about the new iPhone 12 and all FOUR of its models. Will you be picking one up or are you more of an Android person?

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