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    The main benefits of gaming are a lot more than soothing the brain. Some games sharpen thinking abilities and boost intelligence. One type of this gaming lot is android games, i.e., the games we play on android devices. There are different versions for a game so that people using different operating systems other than Android can also use them.

    Out of all the available versions, people found out that the Android versions are easier and a lot more exciting. An exciting addition to these games is the android games mods versions. Be it an intense gaming application or a simple one, and a dedicated gamer prefers the mod version over the actual one.

    android games apk

    What are Android Mods and Mods APK?

    Though mods are relatively recent, they still managed to gain people's trust reasonably. Though they come with some security breaches, people still go with mods, modifications in short. Why? Mods allow us to have full access to the exclusive gaming features and customize as we like. It is nothing new that most of the games' features aren't the same everywhere as the rules and regulations are different.

    If we wish to have the android game as it is, mod versions are the appropriate and the best choice. Usually, anything that we install into our devices saves with the 'EXE' version. For the mod version, we find the 'APK' extension. The APK and EXE are better understood as install files simple terms. The APK extension or the mod version provides full access to the android gaming without any restrictions.

    The unlimited access to an android game's original features is something that everyone wishes for. Apart from providing unlimited access, we can freely access a game's paid and blocked features using mod extensions. With these, we can also add new features that fascinate us. But before understanding the usage, there are some essential things we need to remember.

    • Through mods, we can get quick and free access to a game's full features, some of which remain hidden through most levels.
    • After downloading mod applications, we can easily access an android game's all the hidden features that are a part of the original version without restrictions.
    • Apart from offering many new features, the mod versions are simple to download and don't require a lengthy installation time as the EXE versions.
    • We can retrieve the latest updates and all the new features that aren't available on the Google Play Store using mods.
    • If your Google Play Store isn't working correctly or your device doesn't have Play Store, the Mod APKs still work efficiently and smoothly.
    • Along with free access to new features, we can unlock impressive rewards and goodies that are a part of the game.
    • If we wish to level-up quickly, we can use cheats to progress and save much time with mods.

    With so many advantages, how can we ignore the mod versions? So, here's some information to help us use the android games mods.

    How to Use the Android Games Mods?

    Installing and using the android games mods isn't hard. Simple steps give us a rejuvenating experience. But, before we proceed to the installation steps, here's a prerequisite. Open the 'Settings' app on the device, go to the 'Device Administration' feature and allow installs from 'Unknown Sources.' Once this is done, follow the steps given below:

    • First, search for and download the 'Rar' files of the game you wish to play.
    • Extract the obb.rar and apk.rar files onto your device's SD card. This can be done using extract applications.
    • Then, uninstall the previously installed version of the game from the device.
    • Find the downloaded file from the device's file manager to start the installation process.
    • Create a new folder OBB on your SD card and move the obb.rar files to this location: SDCARD/ ANDROID/ OBB.
    • Move the apk.rar files to the location: SDCARD/ ANDROID/ DATA. Do these two steps using the file manager.
    • Open the applications, click on the 'Install' button on the window and follow the recommendations like permissions for internet connection, etc., that come after this.
    • Allow the necessary recommendations and complete the installation process.

    That is how simple it is to install the mod versions. You might doubt why we have to extract the Rar files when we can install the mod version without extraction. But some applications require cache memory to function properly, and we can't avoid this requirement. The mod version would still function properly without cache, but it might require additional downloads. So, to avoid that and install the game properly, the above steps are recommended.

    android games apk

    Websites Offering Android Games Mods:

    With so many benefits and an effortless installation process, android games mods are quite popular than the original versions. To find and download the mod version, we need to type the game's name with 'MOD' in the end on Google's search bar. We can find different websites offering APK versions allowing us to free-download the files. But, how can we forget the online threats? We all know that everything available online isn't genuine. Some might try to present malware in the form of game mods. Anything can happen on the internet. We can't risk our privacy, be it at any cost.

    But don't worry. As positives and negatives co-exist, we can find genuine websites that offer mod versions for android games. Some of them are AndroidHackers.io, Revdl.com, DIAndroid, Redmoonpie, ReXdl.com, Androidp1, etc. Finding a trusted site among tons of choices is hard, but if we are able to lay our hands on the trusted sites, uncompromised android gaming is at our fingertips. Typing the names of the websites mentioned above on Google displays the direct link of these sites, and from there, we can search for the required mod file to download.

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