Follow Simple Strategies To Increase Your Channel Watch Hours

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    People are looking for fast streams of information as they constantly switch between different social media mediums. With the availability of Smartphones and cheap unlimited data, people are becoming increasingly impatient. People are now using mobile apps for research and other information. This also brings us to the impact video content has on users.

    YouTube Views

    View count criteria

    On average a YouTube video viewing duration is only 4 minutes 7 seconds. This means that audience retention is vital for any videos which are much longer. This means having short and crisp videos with message-driven in the first half of the video would serve the objective of any video creator or marketer. More so the video view is counted when it is played for more than 30 seconds and even if a viewer exits that channel, the view count will be considered. In case it is less than 30 seconds, then the count will be taken when it is completed later. Even if the video is replayed multiple times, each replay will be treated as a separate count. This criteria by YouTube is to ensure that only real viewers are watching the videos. The two criteria of real views would be clicking and initiating the video watching and completing the viewing time to at least 30 seconds, which would not have happened if the views were fake. To ensure real watch time buy YouTube watch time hours only from genuine sources.

    The hour's threshold limit

    Having a video channel on YouTube would mean a focussed approach and constant engagement with the audience. YouTube allows a content creator to earn revenue from their channel only after 4000 hours of watch time is achieved in 365 days. This means that one needs not to have to upload new content during that period but even old videos can be watched as long as it achieves the view count criteria.

    Watching 4000 hours of video requires captivating content and audience retention. This is extremely vital as there is immense competition for similar content in the niche category. So, the focus should be on quality rather than quantity as more and more people are extremely choosy and impatient.

    How to increase YouTube views?

    • Create quality and compelling video content.
    • Make it short and crisp.
    • Encourage viewers to use CTA buttons at the appropriate position of the video and subscribe.
    • Make playlists as it induces viewers to continue watching the channel without switching to other ones.
    • Promote others videos on their own channel with end screens and call cards. They will also add to the watch time of the channel.
    • Promote and share YouTube videos on other social media platforms for a wider reach and more views.
    • Ensure affiliate marketing. Videos shown as ads on other YouTube channels will be counted. This is a paid service but it surely helps. Many video marketing companies such as YoutubeStorm provide this kind of service.

    Monitoring one channel throughout is critical. Using YouTube analytics, one can monitor the views and take corrective action. Remember the next video can always be better than the previous one. This should be the positive approach of any content creator as he fine-tunes his strategy all along.

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