Top Gaming Software and Technology Trends for 2020

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    The polish video games sector has been showing some major growth in recent times, and there is no sign of that stopping any time soon.

    During what has been a troubling year for many people, the popularity of Esports and the upward trend in areas such as virtual reality and augmented reality has been a driver in both the gaming and online gambling niches.

    Such software trends are beginning to intertwine now, with the latest news on such technology via making for very interesting reading indeed.

    Our very own Jacek Michałski has written on the subject of top gaming software here, along with a range of other gambling and gaming-related subjects.

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    Top Latest Trends

    The progression shown within the latest gaming software has happened worldwide, but arguably nowhere more pertinently than in Poland.

    Poland is now Eastern Europe's largest economy and has been developing into a leading exporter of video game and gambling content, owing partly to the success of CD Projekt's Witcher series.

    With the tech world sitting up and taking real notice of Poland and its new gaming technologies, many people within the country are looking at ways to attempt to get rich using gambling technology.

    So, which way is the wind blowing in these sectors as we approach 2021?

    Cloud Gaming

    During 2020, cloud gaming technology has been on a sharp upward curve and that trend is set to continue into next year.

    The idea is that the software gives gamers easy access to top titles hosted on the cloud and not on more old-fashioned settings such as on consoles or personal computers for example. In the years to come, console-based games will no doubt become a thing of the past with all games hosted this way for use on mobiles and such like.


    The Esports market revenue is set to double between 2018 and 2013 according to Statista, something that encapsulates the already steep upward curve it has been on for a number of years.

    The global usage of this multiplayer video competition technology has already passed some 450 million people and will only grow further as more time passes. With online bookmakers joining in heavily on the esports emergence during 2020's global lockdowns, professional leagues have begun to sprout up incorporating competition with major betting revenue as well as increased revenue from ads.

    Virtual Reality

    While it naturally has other others, virtual reality has so far been used mostly by the gaming sector. With the price of premium headsets gradually falling and allowing more people to take part in VR games, the technology is another driver not just in gaming but in the esports and online betting fraternities too.

    With online casinos looking to use mobile grooming software and VR, those such as Cookie Casino will surely be incorporating more and more of this technology soon in Poland.

    Augmented Reality

    Top developers of augmented reality games, such as Juego Studios, for example, have as yet not built properly on the recent success of games such as Pokemon Go, but that could be about to change.

    In this sphere, it appears that smartphones and tablets remain king, although there is a clear need for 5G technology to help AR along. Casino's like free slots games canada also stand to benefit. 2021 should see more multiplayer augmented reality games hitting the market and that will be something to look forward to.


    The gaming world, by very definition, never stands still. These few areas of technology have already shown a great upward trend but more momentum is expected to be gathered in 2021, especially where cloud gaming is concerned.

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