Could Blockchain Have Minimized The COVID-19 Effect On The World

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    COVID-19 has impacted communities, countries, and individuals to a great extent, both in terms of financially, mentally, and physically. The sudden rise of Coronavirus has exposed the flaws in the modern healthcare system to manage public health crises. Thus, to minimize the effect of COVID-19, one of the most innovative technologies such as Blockchain can assist in efficient planning methods and resource deployment.

    This technology can play a key role in managing several healthcare sectors and thus can reduce the burden on hospital staff, and they can look after the patients. Also, the network can help to reduce delays in administrative approvals and emergency cases. The application of Blockchain is really amazing, and it created a great impact on individuals all over the world who are dealing with critical situations due to Coronavirus.

    There are several platforms that already use Blockchain technology, and these platforms can help people by enabling early discovery of epidemics and impact control of treatment and revolutions.

    Major Challenges Of COVID-19

    • No adequate measures to help the emergency patients
    • Several limitations to access tool when needed
    • False theories were spread via social media platforms.
    • The government's tracking the huge population of infectious patients to stop pandemics.
    • Hospitals are inefficient in taking care of the patients properly.

    Can Blockchain Help In Preventing Pandemics?

    The answer is obviously 'Yes.' With the help of Blockchain; you are able to share the transaction or any information in real-time among relevant parties in a secure way. You can also communicate with individuals admitted to a hospital, keeping in mind the social distancing rules.

    In the various healthcare systems, the use of this emerging technology varies according to meet distinct requirements. Thus, the technology of Blockchain is evolving because it provides a reliable, low cost, and transparent solution to every issue that is taking place because of COVID-19.

    Besides, you might have noticed that there was a death record of every patient in real-time. How was that possible? It is through Blockchain technology that connected the World Health Organization of each country with associated nodal hospitals to share all the real-time information of the pandemic. Thus, this was made possible only because of the advanced Blockchain technology.

    Donations Tracking - Blockchain Solutions

    Another major issue is tracking the donations without the involvement of any false reports. There has been a concern that millions of dollars being donated and not reaching the affected patients at the right time.

    Moreover, with the help of Blockchain technology, donors were able to view and track their donated amount, whether it is really reaching the victims or not. The transparency feature of Blockchain technology has enabled people to understand and use the donated funds that are being sent for them by donors.

    Hence, without the use of Blockchain technology, this has not been possible so easily. It has reduced the efforts of the government and other workers to track the funds efficiently and reach the right individuals at the right time. You can also visit to know some more major uses of Blockchain.

    Blockchain In The Food And The Beverage Industry

    There are many individuals all across the world who lost their job due to this pandemic. This left them with a lack of food and funds, and they are unable to feed their families.

    After the COVID-19, families started to purchase more food and other groceries instead of spending on expensive restaurants. Thus, this demand for groceries created massive stress on the food supply chain from producers to retailers. Also, new cases were constantly emerging on the other side.

    Nevertheless, the use of Blockchain improved the process of tracing a good from its composition to the end-user in real-time.

    The Bottom Line

    Coronavirus has brought a great amount of uncertainty during this time, but the government and other general public have realized the importance of Blockchain technology in our lives.

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