3 Devices That Are Worth the Investment

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    By Tracie JohnsonMar 24, 2021, 11:03 am2.2k ptsInteresting

    Smart devices are engaging electronic gadgets that recognize simple commands made by users to ease day-to-day activities. Today, there are many devices today, but the most common are smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, and smartwatches, among others. Although many devices are portable and smack personal electronics, they are characterized by network connectivity and remote interaction. Smart devices can also be more oversized household items such as refrigerators and TV sets. Let us look at three devices that are worth your investment.

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    1. Smartphone

    In the last decade, smartphone technology has been so successful that people cannot live without them. Apart from making phone calls, smartphones can play music, take pictures, provide directions, track contacts, and keep track of appointments. You can install different apps on your smartphone to increase its use and ease business operations.

    Benefits of a Smartphone

    • Different communication options

    Traditional cell phones can text and call, which gets the message across. On the other hand, smartphones not only allow you to call and text, but they also give you access to your email, video conferencing, video calling, and photo sharing. You also get to stay connected to social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

    • Searching the web

    You probably consult the internet several times a day, searching for news and information crucial to your business. Initially, web browsing could only be done through a desktop computer in the office. Advancements in technology have enabled internet access using laptops and smartphones through broadband wireless. You can access the internet through your smartphone from anywhere, such as the park, your car, or the subway, provided there is an internet connection. You can also stream live videos and access business news sites through your smartphone.

    • Availability of applications

    There has been an explosion of smartphone applications in their thousands. Smartphones have in-built sensors, which make them suitable for limitless applications coupled with their programmability and portability. You can install games and productivity apps to help you organize meetings, among many other possibilities. You can keep fit with fitness and health apps to track calories consumed, and track miles walked; the applications are endless with smartphones.

    2. Tablet

    A tablet is a worthy investment for business owners due to its convenient portability, especially for those who are always on the go.

    Benefits of a Tablet

    • Performance

    Tablets perform highly as they boot up quickly. It enables you to quickly check your email, communicate with your employees and colleagues, and review crucial documents on time. A tablet's speedy performance and ease of portability enable the user to conduct online business while relaxing, using public transport, or dining at a restaurant. You can also use a tablet as a presentation tool as it has a high-quality display. All you have to do is slip it into a briefcase or a leather iPad sleeve and take it to a customer presentation meeting.

    • Battery life

    Long battery life gives tablets another benefit over other portable devices. Most tablets have batteries that can last for more than 10 hours, much longer than laptop batteries. This is most beneficial to business travelers on the move with few opportunities to recharge their tablets. A tablet is also useful when visiting areas with limited electricity supply for research or education purposes.

    3. Smart Watch

    Smartwatches perform many tasks such as tracking your activities, fitness level, sleep, and heart rate. You can also use a smartwatch to play music.

    Other Benefits

    • Receive calls and reply to messages

    If you are wearing a smartwatch, you do not need to get your phone. You can reply to messages and receive calls while in transit. A smartwatch comes in handy when exercising or when in an awkward situation to use a phone. Other smartwatches have voice support where you can communicate through your wrist with someone many miles away.

    • Stays connected for longer

    A smartwatch has a more powerful battery than a smartphone; it can keep you connected for up to 10 days on a single complete charge. Therefore, it is ideal for people going for people who spend many days on the road and need to be in constant communication with their colleagues, family, or employees.


    A smart device should have autonomous computing, context-awareness, and network connectivity. It should ease your communication and access to information while in the office and away from the office or home.

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