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    As the popularity of Electronic Sports has risen, so widely publicized is the Esports field that leagues are even being hosted more frequently throughout the world. Currently, we have several professional leagues and tournaments being hosted. It is believed that the number of leagues for professionals will rise rather rapidly. Esports statistics show that a rise in leagues for professionals will better the popularity of Esports. So what can you expect from these professional Esports Leagues?

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    Physical interaction with gamers and players:

    All Esports leagues are physical events. Since a location is designated and prescribed, gamers are meant to travel to a set location. The players are expected to play and showcase their professional skills in front of video cameras. These events tend to be live-streamed so the entire world can get to see these events.

    Online Leagues as Well

    Due to Covid-19, many Esports events had to take place online. Esport statistics show that many Esports companies are looking to restart physical sporting events again. To accommodate the type of numbers expected, Esports organizers need to follow Covid-19 protocols.

    Everything is Organised

    Esports events seem to replicate NFL or NBA. For example, many big sponsors hop on board making Esport events look as

    professional as ever. In this way, a

    a set schedule is adhered to.

    In keeping with the professionalism of the league, players get perks. In tying up with the NFL, professional

    gamers are rewarded for

    attending these leagues by getting a

    designated salary and also receiving

    other perks and benefits.

    Esports Statistics

    They show that over 400 000 million Esports fans watched a 2017 tournament on Twitch and the number of viewers is bound to increase. Esports statistics also predicts that by 2021, the number of viewers will increase by another 200 000 million. In giving the gaming fans what they want, these Esport events are looking for professionals to assist.

    Hosting Esports Professional Games

    Well, it is surely a way to gain popularity for the electronic sports.sector. Many large Esports participants and teams are building their state-of-the-art training facilities. The fact that these facilities are being opened means that teams are eager to let their gamers get their game on. More jobs are being created for people who can help gamers in these training facilities.

    Professionals required to be part and parcel of esports facilities are:

    • Chefs and dieticians to also keep these players healthy as is the case with normal sports players
    • Sports psychologists to help players psychologically through the traumas of losing
    • Women are being employed as gamers to break the common stereotype that only men can play Esports. 19-year-old Kim "Geguri" Se-Yeon went down in history as the first woman to tap into the Esports industry.

    Esports statistics have shown a 12.3% increase over one year in the number of viewers who watch Esports and this number is bound to increase in 2021. You can only imagine how many more viewers will be interested in Esports professional events next year.

    This is some of the information that you need to know about esports.

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