The Best Ways To Sell Back Your Apple Device

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    If you've had an Apple product for a long period of time, you might have decided that it's time for an update in technology. Instead of merely recycling your device, you can sell back your device so you can put the money you receive toward your next phone or computer.

    Below are several tips for finding the best possible company to sell your Apple device to.

    Conduct Research On Different Companies

    There are a lot of different businesses out there that will make you an offer for your old Apple device. However, not all of them will give you the same dollar amount for the device that you're selling. You'll want to shop around and look at several different companies so you can compare and see which company is offering you the most for your device.

    Make Sure You Fill Out The Evaluation Form As Honestly As Possible

    When you go to sell your device, you'll have to fill out an evaluation form that states what type of condition your phone or computer is in. This then allows the company to put together a quote to tell you how much your device is worth. You never want to lie on this form because it'll skew the amount of money that the company offers you.

    For example, if you mark that your phone is "Like New", but it has several scratches on the glass, then it's value will be far less. When you send your phone to the company, they'll check the condition of the device. If it doesn't fit with the condition that you marked on the evaluation form, the company will offer you far less money for your phone. Then, you can either accept that amount or deny it and the company will send you back your phone.

    Instead of upping the condition of your phone or computer on the evaluation sheet, you'd be better off finding a company that will offer you more money for the current condition of your device. Some trade-in Apple device companies specialize in reselling your device while others specialize in breaking your device down for parts. For the later kind of business, they may still be able to offer you a decent price for your phone or computer, even if it's not in the best condition.

    Read Reviews About The Trade-In Company

    Reading reviews about the business online will help you determine if it's a company worth working with as your attempt to trade in your Apple device. Some trade-in companies are notorious for saying that customers didn't fill out the evaluation form correctly and that their device is worth far less than the original quote. This greatly benefits the business because many customers don't want to go through the hassle of having their device sent back to them, finding another trade-in company, and then shipping it again. Quickly browsing the reviews that past customers have left will help you determine the ethics of the company.

    Reading the reviews will also help you know how long it'll take you to receive your money from the sale. Many companies have a certain time-period that they claim you'll be paid in, but sometimes it takes the companies longer than that initial time period to process your device and issue a check. Looking at past customers' experiences will help you know if the company's stated time period for payment is realistic or not.

    You'll also want to look at reviews of the company on a third-party site (if you can find one). If you're just looking at the reviews on the company's actual website, it's possible that they've removed unfavorable reviews.

    Call The Business To Make Sure They're Real

    Although reading through the reviews about a company can help you determine if the business is real or not, sometimes fake trade-in businesses go to extraordinary lengths to write fake reviews and add them to their site. It's also not always possible to find reviews on a third-party site for a trade-in business, even if the company is real.

    One of the best ways to determine if the business is a true company is to merely call the number listed on their website and talk to an associate. That will help you know if the business is a scam or if it's an actual company.


    Selling back your Apple products has a large number of benefits. You get rid of an old device, you receive money from the deal, and you're helping the environment by giving your phone new life. However, when you're looking to sell back your Apple product, you'll want to shop around and check out several trade-in companies before you pick one to send your device to. This will ensure that you're getting the best possible price for your device.

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