The Constantly Evolving Games Industry

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    Video games have been around for many years, and they have managed to remain relevant in the entertainment industry, as well as surpassing that of movies and music combined. Nobody could have predicted their rise to popularity in such a short period, and today, people of all ages take part in this activity we call gaming. There are many factors that have contributed to their appeal.

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    The constantly evolving technology has made it possible for games to be played anywhere and at any time, no longer being confined to the home, as it has been with consoles in the past. Mobile phones have pushed gaming outside the home, garnering the attention of many individuals, and the industry continues to evolve alongside the technological advancements of today.

    Technological Advancements

    The days of pixelated graphics and limited sounds are in the distant past. Video game design and development has become more complex with each passing year. Hardware is becoming much smaller and more powerful. A great example is none other than the modern smartphone. Today's smartphones can handle many of the games that were originally conceived for console and PC. This made room for many modern triple A titles to be ported to the mobile phone, helping them reach a wider audience than they ever had before. Mobile devices have had a significant impact on games as a whole.

    Other technological advancements include the introduction of VR (virtual reality) headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the PlayStation VR, among others. As far as immersion goes, video games have surpassed all other forms of entertainment. With the addition of VR, they are able to immerse the players even more into the virtual space. As technology advances, many additions will be added on top of VR. Some examples include experimentation regarding controls such as voice recognition, touch screens, and hand gestures to interact with the virtual world.

    Changes and Improvements

    The games themselves have also changed significantly as time passed and people experimented with new ideas, especially games that are more competitive in nature. For example, the first-ever MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game was released as a map for the original Warcraft 3, called Defence of the Ancients, or DOTA.

    This new game mode at the time garnered so much attention that it invented an entire new genre, and many fully fledged games were created soon after. This has also led to the rise of eSports tournaments and competitions that featured these games among others. Gaming has become a real sport, with DOTA, League of Legends, and Counter-strike, also known as "the big three", becoming the most widely played multiplayer online games, as well as eSports competitions.

    Many gamers have also expressed interest in retro and classic games that were released many years ago. This has created an opportunity for game companies and developers to re-release old and classic games with updated visuals and graphics, as well as additional updates to make these older games run better on modern hardware. These are called remasters or remakes, and many of them have been released in recent years.

    Many people can become nostalgic over the years and some are overjoyed to see their old favorite game with a new fresh coat of paint. We can see the same thing happening in the movie industry, with older series and movies being either remade or reinterpreted to appeal to older audiences as well as the newer generation.

    Casino Gaming

    New technologies have benefited many parts of the games industry. This can also be seen in the casino industry. Some time after the internet became widespread, online casino platforms have made their debut reaching more people than they ever could before. Today, with the help of smartphones and tablets, even more people can enjoy their favorite online casino game.

    Technology has made it possible for companies to bring their games to the people, instead of bringing the people to the casinos, and this has raised their popularity a great deal. The digital distribution of games has made it more convenient for people to acquire the games that they like, and downloading games has never been much easier.

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