Have you ever wondered if the online casino you have chosen is safe for your personal data and money?

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    Giving our precious bank information or making a transaction in an online casino site is the same as giving our things to a stranger. You are giving your money to an enterprise or a group as a kind of borrowing, and all you know about them is their "name". Have you ever wandered if you would do the same to someone you meet on the streets?

    Finding a trusted online casino site is essential whenever you are playing online. This should make the cards and the numbers your only worry. The face and expressions of the dealer, the adrenaline and the thrill of the game are enough to keep us focused, and the fear of the safety of our money and data shouldn't be something to be worrying us while playing.

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    A safe bet

    Finding out which sites are legit online casinos will save you many headaches. It's not a matter of paranoia or fear, it's only a matter of minimizing possible problems. We'll try to open your eyes and teach you how to choose the safest sites for your money and gaming.

    The first thing that makes a site a safe one is the amount and types of withdrawals and deposit options it might offer. It's usually easier to make deposits than to withdraw. So, in order to avoid bad moments, you should always check this information beforehand. Before you make a deposit, find out how to withdraw it in the future.

    Another thing to keep in mind is if the site requests a proof of register and identity when making a transaction or deposit. If this is not required, you might want to find another site to play.

    You don't need to be an expert computer to find out if a site is safe or not. Here is a really simple trick: whenever you are entering a new online casino site, if the URL starts with "https", then this site is a safe site. On the other hand, if its "http", we recommend you to keep looking.

    Then, there is the old and trusty way to find out if a site is safe, the users reviews. This method tends to be bulletproof. Even though it won't guarantee you on a 100% level if it's a legitimate online gambling sites, it will give you a very real idea of peoples experience on the site.

    Finally, you can read the "terms and conditions" of the sites, and also the licenses and their validity or approval. These will guarantee you that their payment methods and software's are good and trustworthy.

    Why and how are the online casino sites regulated?

    Even though is a relatively new heading, the necessity for a regulation was made clear little by little. There is never a lack of malicious people trying to take advantage of people and new technologies for their wrongdoings.

    Having said that, we can assure you that the end goal of online casinos regulation is: guarantee a legal and ethical operations, and a safe and trustworthy gambling for all users.

    In order to get the right and required licenses for a safe online casino, there are some requirements. Some of them are:

    • Proof of the suitability of the owners and executives.
    • Prevent underaged gambling.
    • Having a good response to complaints.
    • Fair and transparent games.
    • Clear accounting process.

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    Available licenses

    Luckily, most online casinos comply with security measures, but this is not always the case. There are still some sites that don't comply for whatever reason. Before starting to play, check if the site has these three validations:

    1. Jurisdictional licenses: the casino may have more than one. Keep in mind that these licenses depend on the country of the site and its gambling policy.
    2. Security companies: organizations that make sure to identify possible criminal activity.
    3. Software testing companies: groups that study the operation of machines and make sure they are not flawed or fraudulent.

    Relax and have fun!

    Now you have the tools to easily identify frauds. Sit back and enjoy your gaming sessions, but keep in mind that no matter the safety and licenses of the site, if you are not careful you can lose plenty money. To prevent this always set and respect your own spending limits in order to sit back and enjoy playing!

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