Peloton Is Updating Its Treadmills To Make Them Free To Use Again

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    Exercise equipment giant Peloton is updating its treadmills to make them functional again without the need for a mandatory $39 per month subscription. The announcement comes approximately one month after Peloton unveiled the Tread Lock safety feature, which made it impossible to use the $2,500 to $4,000 treadmills without joining the company's subscription model.

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    Peloton's popularity soared during the COVID-19 related lockdowns observed around the world. People wanting to improve their health flocked to the American company and bought treadmills and exercise bikes as if they were going out of fashion. Even elite sports stars became Peloton customers as the biggest teams listed on the best online betting sites bought equipment in order for their players to maintain fitness levels.

    One Child Dies and More Than 40 Others Injured

    However, things turned sour for the NASDAQ-listed company in May 2021 when the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning to people with children and pets, instructing them to stop using the Tread+ model of the Peloton treadmill immediately. The warning came after one child died and another 40 others suffered injuries, including fractured bones. The child died after being pulled under the treadmill while a parent was running.

    Peloton received much negative press after it initially rejected the Consumer Product Safety Commission's request to recall the product. Instead, Peloton simply warned consumers to keep children and pets away from its Tread+ machines.

    A change of tact saw Peloton issue a global product recall and offer full refunds to anyone returning their machines before November 6, 2022. Furthermore, Peloton offered to move the Tread+ treadmill to another room or location that was not accessible to children and pets and move the equipment free of charge

    New Safety Feature Comes With an Unexpected Cost

    A new safety feature named Tread Lock was downloaded to treadmills not returned to Peloton. The system added another layer of safety to the Tread+ models. Peloton's website explained what Tread Lock is.

    "Tread Lock is a safety feature that automatically locks the Peloton Tread+ after you put your Tread+ to sleep or after 45 seconds of inactivity outside a class."

    This was all well and good, but Tread Lock came with an unexpected sting in its tail: it made the treadmills useless without subscribing to Peloton's $39 monthly package. An email to Peloton customers revealed "Just Run," the feature that allows the user to use the treadmill without being part of a class, was no longer available without a subscription.

    "We care deeply about the safety and well-being of our Members, and we created tread Lock to secure your Tread+ against unauthorized access. Unfortunately, at this time, 'Just Run' is no longer accessible without a Peloton membership."

    Peloton attempted to soften the blow by offering all tread+ owners three months of All-Access Membership but was met with an angry backlash.

    New Software Update Re-Enables "Just Run"

    Another software update is now available that reenables the popular Just Run feature, removing the need for Peloton's Tread+ customers to pay $39 per month on top of the enormous costs incurred purchasing the treadmills.

    The move has been met with positivity from both Peloton's vast customer base and the company's shareholders. Customers have already paid between $2,500 and $4,000 for their treadmills, and many prefer to simply run on the treadmill instead of taking part in one of Peloton's many classes.

    Those customers who wish to purchase a subscription still can, and they receive unlimited access to classes. Some users are still disillusions with the company, however. As Peloton issued a global recall, people wishing to return their machines can do so before November 6, 2022, and receive a full refund.

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