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    Smartphones have been part of our lifestyle and we're practically dependent on them. From the time we wake up in the morning until we go to bed, we check our social media, play mobile games, bet online, or do things related to work. The majority don't check on their wristwatch and alarm clocks are irrelevant. We check for the time on our smartphone, the weather, current events, which food do we want to eat, check our zodiac sign and transfer money or purchase online.

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    What's new about smartphones these days?

    The evolution of smartphones seems to be so rapid that sometimes people cannot cope up with their pace. Some get frustrated because they were not yet even fully acquainted with the new Android phone that they bought a month ago and there's another one being introduced in the market with the speed and accuracy twice better than yours.

    Here are the top five things that we have to know about Smartphones and tablets before purchasing one:

    1. Check out for the Instant Apps in Android

    Instant Apps are designed to allow users to use an app without installing them. This is designed for the user to have instant access to their desired application without consuming the space.

    2. Face, voice, fingerprint, and signature detection

    Compatibility to Biometrics of a smartphone is one of the perks that higher-end Android phones offer. A user can request this type of App to protect sensitive files and information in the smartphone.

    3. Wearable Apps

    Here's one of the best deals if ever you have an Android phone. The user can get to enjoy this perk by wearing a smartwatch, healthcare monitors, glasses and fitness bracelets that can be paired to your smartphone and automatically its OS can immediately sync directly to this special type of watch or other wearable apps. Each of them has different functions and designs. The best thing about these is it helps the user monitor how many steps they have taken for the day, their body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. It helps people with health issues detect any abnormal body function before it gets worse.

    4. Mobile Payment System

    Mobile payment apps are one of the best methods that android phones have. The user can do bank transactions and pay their bills using mobile apps. They simply have to download the desired app and they can order. Third-party mobile systems are also on the rise since it is convenient for people who prefer other modes of payment without visiting the bank.

    5. Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

    Augmented reality is available in the latest device models of Android phones but it is required that it is incorporated with ARCore in the Google Play Store or iOS 11.0 in an iPhone. So if the user can access this type of app, they can enjoy looking at the camera phone using the same environment with a Pokemon on the side. AR is also very much applicable at work or everyday life because they can use it by putting objects in a blank space to see if it fits in the place.

    Virtual Reality on the other hand allows the user to use this App using goggles and helmets by opening any 360-degree ThinkLink scene in VR mode to install Google VR services. It works by allowing the user's head to tilt and spin around whichever the virtual world may take the user. This is made possible through the VR app on your smartphone called accelerometer and gyroscope. Which gives a sense of motion and position.

    Final Insight:

    Nobody can deny the fact that smartphones and technology rule the world, even if you live in the mountains there's technology and people can do selfies while tending the sheep in the Alps. As consumers, we just have to be smart in buying and upgrading our gadgets. Besides, smartphones are not just for display but also a commodity.

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