eSports Conquers the Metaverse

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    Dec 20, 2021, 12:01 pm423 pts

    Today, sports are being redefined. Things that a few years ago wouldn't've been considered legitimate competitions are being considered to become bona fide sports, and not just eSports - even poker, considered by many little more than gambling, has recently submitted its Olympic bid. While many voices look down on these activities, claiming that if there's no physical challenge, there's no sport, all this while continuously reciting statistics and football results, an increasing number of people are recognizing them for what they are: skill-based activities where true competition is indeed possible.

    eSports has grown into a phenomenon to be reckoned with. Investors are pouring increasing amounts of money into them, and viewers are flocking to the events both in real life (when possible) and online. Now, the discipline is preparing to conquer a brand new platform: Metaverse.


    What's a "Metaverse"

    A "Metaverse", by its traditional (sic!) definition, is an immersive virtual world that gives its users every possible sensory input, from video and audio to touch and smell. The idea of the metaverse emerged (as you might expect) in a science fiction novel - technology has yet to catch up with the imagination of the author. Right now, metaverses either exist on 2D computer screens or in an immersive way using VR headsets, covering video and audio but not touch and smell - with the exception of some fringe projects, of course.

    But we are getting there, especially with companies like Meta - the business formerly known as Facebook - pouring big piles of money and resources into its development.

    eSports and the Metaverse

    "Metaverse" is becoming a buzzword, much like "blockchain" was a couple of years ago. Metaverses are emerging in many areas - think VRChat that focuses on socializing or Sansar that provides its users with live music and parties.

    Video game developer Dubit is taking the first step toward merging metaverse and competitive gaming. Using the funding raised by Metaventures, a company that provides funding for massively immersive live events, and French businessman Jean-Charles Capelli, Dubit will organize the first eSports tournament in a Metaverse - the Metaverse Gaming League (MGL). Initially, the tournaments will be hosted on the Roblox social gaming platform, and they'll later expand to others like Minecraft.

    "We're delighted to be working with Jean-Charles Capelli to pioneer new ways in which brands can enter the metaverse, such as through our Metaverse Gaming League", said Dubit co-founder Matthew Warneford. "The investment will also allow us to create massively interactive live events in music and fashion that brands can partner with. It's an exciting time for Dubit, putting all of our experience and expertise to work in the metaverse."

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