All The Updates For CS:GO's 10-Year Birthday

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    Few online games can brag about their ability to stay afloat in the gaming industry for ten years. But the Counter-Strike launched in 1999 could certainly secure its bragging rights after becoming a success all over the globe. In addition, as the years passed, the tactical shooter released its latest installment, CS:GO, which is about to complete ten years of life on August 21, 2022.

    To celebrate the decade of the game, Valve launched a new update that included some notable aspects of the game. In this regard, the devs updated the map pool by adding the long-awaited mythical Tuscan at Matchmaking. Also, they launched a commemorative coin and a new capsule of 65 stickers made by the community.

    What About Source 2 Transition?

    Since the CS:GO community talked about Source 2 engine more often than anything else, we should have to say a few words about it for starters. Once again, the arrival of the new engine hasn't happened with the latest update of CS:GO. Moreover, it is worth noting that rumors about the transition have been dissipating lately.

    However, we want to say that the transition from one engine to another does not mean that something will change a lot in the shooter. The primary task for devs when porting to a new engine is not to add new features right now but only to simplify their development in the future. Let's draw an analogy on Dota 2.

    Valve Games' MOBA replaced the old engine with Source 2 back in 2015. Thus, the better optimization inside this game developed slowly but surely. Here are the last changes that players could feel in Dota 2:

    • The new interface of the game.
    • The creation of custom maps.
    • The appearance of Source Filmmaker.
    • The higher average FPS.

    Currently, Dota 2's competitive stage stands out at the highest level. Proof of this can be the last Major that was held in Arlington. From live reactions to endless betting opportunities at, the tournament almost felt like a coming home story for the game, which explains its success in viewership. However, this success doesn't depend much on the engine. Much more important is the desire of developers to change something. Speaking of changes, let's look more closely at what features were released in the latest CS:GO update.

    All of CS:GO's Latest Installment

    It is not a surprise that the presence of cosmetic elements, such as weapon skins, graffitis, and stickers have been a staple of CS:GO since its early days. They allow players to stand out in the shooter by customizing their inventory. At the same time, the skins allow Valve to keep investing in the game's longevity and prominence. Thus, to celebrate the upcoming tenth birthday of CS:GO, the devs launched a capsule with 65 new stickers and put the chickens on the map in the latest update.

    A Chicken Coin

    Valve has included a chicken coin for the 10th anniversary of CS:GO. The unique feature of it is that all players with prime accounts can obtain the coin only until August 23. Thus, the chicken will always remind them that they were in this special week for the CS:GO scene. Here is how you can get the coin:

    • Have access to the prime account.
    • Play in competitive modes to gain experience.
    • Upgrade your rank by earning 5,000 units of experience (1 rank).
    • Get a coin until Aug 23.

    A new Capsule with 65 Selected Stickers

    In addition to the coin, Valve has also included a birthday capsule with a selection of 65 stickers, including famous quotes from the shooter world, such as "Green, what's your problem", the monster of Overpass, "Rush B", and references to Valve's chickens mentioned above.

    It's worth noting that if you open the capsule inside the game, you will get a random sticker. The surprises are good, but if you don't want to spend cash on this random loot box, we recommend you to go to the Steam market and simply search for the stickers of your choice.

    Tuscan Arrives at Matchmaking

    Last but not least, there are some modifications with respect to the maps in the latest CS:GO installment. Thus, the mythical Tuscan can now be played in the official Matchmaking. In addition, the devs also return to the competitive scene Breach and Anubis, removing Climb and Iris, respectively. The map pool of the Wingman mode has also been updated: Primetime and Blagai replaced Hive and Crete.

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