Best Online Betting Strategies & Tips for Making Predictions

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    As many punters – as many strategies. The approaches to sports betting differ depending on the bettors' experience, bankroll, sports discipline they are interested in, and, of course, their luck. A lot of pro punters have worked out their own ways of earning online. However, most of them are built on the basics, which are still actual and effective for everyone involved in sports betting.

    Today we are going to reveal some most popular and best-working online betting strategies. They may come in handy for a player who is still searching for a perfect scheme for making sports predictions.

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    Betting a Fixed Amount of Your Bankroll

    This strategy can be used for any kind of sports, as it focuses on controlling your bankroll. The amount of bet is based on your bankroll sum, your match predictions, the odds, and a range of other factors. For instance, you have $100 on your betting account, and the sum of each bet is 10% of that amount. Thus, your first bet should be $10.

    In case of a win, your bankroll grows. Thus, the sum of your next bet will increase proportionately to that income. Once you lose, you reduce the sum you put at stake, though it still remains 10% of your bankroll.

    Hedging the Bets

    Are you a fan of long-run betting? If yes, you'll definitely like the idea of hedging your bets.

    What does this mean? Imagine that you make an outright bet for the win of a football team in the national championship at its very beginning. As games go on, you understand that your prognosis is correct, yet you can't be sure about winning the bet for 100%.

    betting tips

    If such a situation occurs, you can make another bet that is opposite to your previous match prediction. This way, you will come out as a winner regardless of the outcomes of the final game.

    Fading the Public Strategy

    Even the best bookmakers from the ScoreBetz rating may be slightly manipulating the public to motivate them to place their bets on teams that tend to be the favorites of the match. However, neither sports book prognoses nor the preferences of the public should influence your own analysis of the upcoming game.

    The strategy of fading the public is effective in the knowing hands, so to say. You need to have strong sports analytical skills and significant experience in sports betting to understand that it's the public that pushes the line. Based on this knowledge, you should make a prognosis opposite to the common opinion.

    betting tips

    Fading the public works best for totals and spreads in football and basketball where countless factors can influence the game outcomes.

    How to Make Winning Match Predictions? Useful Tips

    Your success in betting is predetermined by how well you prepare for making prognoses. Sports betting strategies cannot do miracles if used alone. You should apply a complex approach to make a winning bet. We've compiled a list of tips to help you choose the right betting strategy and win big.

    1. Concentrate on a single kind of sport. Despite access to a diversity of sports disciplines on the betting websites, you'd better stick to one sport discipline. Why? This will allow you to immerse into the events going on inside this sport better. Thus, it will be easier for you to analyze the possible outcomes of the games.
    2. Know the basics of sports betting. This includes the principles of forming odds, types of bets and their peculiarities, and other things that will have an influence on your possibility of earning money.
    3. Always do a pre-match analysis. By understanding the physical shape of the team, their motivation, and their weak points, you'll get a better picture of what may happen during the game. In some sports, the trauma of the leading player may work devastatingly on the entire team, while in others, this won't have such a strong impact. It's essential to know such details for making a winning prognosis.
    4. Stick to the chosen strategy. Once you select a betting strategy, keep to its principles. Novice bettors often get into a panic when they lose their stake and start bringing chaos to the chosen strategy, actually destroying its idea. This leads to many mistakes, which don't let you win.
    5. Never risk more money than you are ready to lose. One of the main rules of successful bettors is to ensure the total sum of bets doesn't exceed the amount you can lose without harm to your budget.

    Wrapping up

    When choosing a betting strategy for yourself, remember that there are no perfect ones. They all fail at times. Still, it's not a reason to refuse to use any of them. You just need to find the strategy that will fit you best and add to your chances for a winning bet by carefully analyzing each wager. Good luck!

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