What Cities In Different Solar Systems Would Look Like According To AI

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    Aug 24, 2022, 11:04 am554 pts

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    Over the last few years, space has been explored and we have managed to partly understand how everything works up there. However, the only thing that we really know one hundred percent is that we still have not been able to clear up the question that still generates the most doubts to this day: Is it possible that there is life beyond our planet?

    Hundreds of studies on our Solar System have been carried out to date on this matter. They have all concluded that most probably and from what they have been able to find out, it does not seem that there is any kind of extra-terrestrial life. At least not as we imagine them and see them in science fiction films.

    A project carried out by artificial intelligence

    All this has led a group of people to wonder what a city on a planet like Mars or Jupiter would be like. They have created a series of scenography with which we can see what a metropolis like New York or Paris, amongst many others, would be like on one of the planets in the Solar System. Many of the images make it possible to understand to what extent the settlement of a colony or a base in any of these places could be credible. Artificial intelligence has of course created its own models digitally.

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    With the results obtained, it is possible to demonstrate how far we still are from establishing a colony on a planet other than Earth. Making a planet other than our own habitable is something that, at present, is still a complete utopia. For the time being, we will have to settle for any of these proposals.

    This is what cities would probably look like if they were built on other planets in the Solar System

    As mentioned above, the work that has been achieved has been done with the help of a programme based entirely on artificial intelligence. It is quite an interesting proposition from an imaginative point of view. The chances are that neither our generation, nor the next one, nor the one after that, will ever see anything like what has been achieved.

    Artificial intelligence has managed to adapt each of the cities to the different planets that have been used as models. This technology is based on deep learning with which we have had the possibility of knowing all the proposals, based on experience after having introduced the data into its system.

    In this particular case, models of conventional cities have been incorporated and images of the planets used to carry out the project have also been included. Thanks to this, it has been possible to determine what these cities might look like in spaces with characteristics like those of each of the planets.

    It is possible to find a large number of solutions on the market to test the functioning of artificial intelligence. We have before our eyes proposals that are quite interesting from the point of view of innovation. All you have to do is introduce images and text into a kind of cocktail shaker and wait for the system to come up with the result, which will be curious to say the least.

    Sometimes it is almost impossible to understand the final result because it is very abstract. Although, in other cases it is possible to see the points that represent what has been introduced beforehand.

    It is very clear that we are witnessing the technological advances taking place in relation to artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is not surprising that soon, this project to settle small populations on each of the different planets that make up the Solar System will also begin to be carried out.

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