How to Play 5 Card Draw Poker?

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    Aug 25, 2022, 10:49 am377 pts

    5-card draw poker usually involves a single round of dealing, one round of forced betting, two rounds of betting, and one round of drawing. But, it can also have three rounds of drawing and consequently four rounds of betting. If you're playing in an online casino in USA, this guide can help.

    Now, you do have different types of poker games online you can play. For instance, Bonus Poker is a type of video poker game. In this type, card combinations containing certain four-of-a-kind receive higher payouts. But the payouts on other card combinations are lower than usual to compensate for the bonus.

    But the 5 Card draw poker game can be played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of six.

    The following is the step-by-step guide to playing five-card draw poker:

    Step 1: Each player starts with an equal number of poker chips. If the small-big blind system is being followed, the player on the dealer's left places the small blind in the pot. The player on the left of the small blind player places the big blind in the pot.

    If the ante system is being followed, all the players have the pot's fixed bet amount.

    Step 2: The dealer deals five cards to each of the players. The cards are dealt face down, and a player can see only that player's hand.

    Step 3: The first betting round begins. In the small-big blind system, the player to the left of the big blind starts the betting process, and it ends with the action of the small blind player (the player on the left dealer's left).

    If the ante system is being followed, then the betting starts with the player on the dealer's left and ends with the player's right.

    A player can choose to fold, call or raise depending on the player's hand.

    Step 4: The first round of five-card draw drawing happens. This round starts with the player to the dealer's left and ends with the player on the dealer's right, irrespective of what system of forced betting was adopted.

    Each player can reject as many cards as the player deems fit and draw as many cards from the deck. The drawing of the cards is always face down.

    If any player is happy with the dealer's initial cards, that player can choose not to draw. This action is called "standing pat."

    Step 5: The second round of betting begins. It again starts with the player on the dealer's left and ends with the player's right. In this round, each player can choose to check or bet.

    Note: If the game includes three rounds of draws, steps 4 and 5 are repeated two more times. If not, then the game proceeds to step 6.

    Step 6: In the final round of betting, the players who haven't folded show their cards. Whoever has the highest-ranked hand among the players wins the pot. Each hand will be any one of the combinations spoken above.

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