Hayu vs Netflix in 2022 - 7 Things You Need to Know

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    Since the invention of television reality TV has existed in some form since the creation of television, but it wasn't until the early 2000s that it took off as a global phenomenon.

    Netflix is the reigning king of streaming services, but there's a new player in town that could give it a run for its money. Hayu is a streaming service specifically for reality TV fans and offers a lot. We compare Netflix vs. Hayu to see which streaming service delivers the finest balance of realism because unscripted shows are less expensive and simpler to make.

    If you are wondering how to watch Hayu in USA or go for Netflix instead, here are seven things you need to know about them before deciding which service to choose in 2022.

    An Overview of Netflix and Hayu

    NBCUniversal's Hayu was introduced in 2016. It can be viewed as more of an add-on than a comprehensive service; you don't need a base service to use it. Despite this, Hayu is still jam-packed with information.

    In addition to being the leader in VOD and renowned for its critically acclaimed scripted material, Netflix has been slowly growing its selection of reality TV. You might be asking if Netflix is worthwhile if you already have a full-featured subscription like Prime Video or Sling TV and are only seeking to add some reality TV.

    1. Price Comparison

    Hayu is $4/month less expensive than Netflix's Basic subscription, even without its optional term discounts.

    Given its narrow emphasis, it makes sense that Hayu only provides one product. Hayu is unique in that it gives customers three payment alternatives. Many businesses offer annual payment discounts to consumers, but Hayu takes things further by providing a half-year alternative.

    Monthly subscriptions goes for $5.99, 6 months subscriptions is $28.99 ($4.83/month), and 12 months is $52.99 ($4.42/month).

    Netflix just increased its rates. Standard has increased by $1.50 per month, Basic by $1, and Premium by $2 per month. Small price increases, though, probably won't have a detrimental effect on subscribers as long as the company keeps creating well-liked original (and exclusive) material.

    2. Free Trial Comparison

    Considering that Netflix does not provide a free trial option any longer, this is another easy victory for Hayu in terms of free trial options. You can terminate your free trial of Hayu at any moment throughout the 7-day trial period, but you will still be able to continue watching until the trial period is up.

    3. Library Content Comparison

    Hayu and Netflix have similar catalogs. While Hayu dominates reality TV, Netflix has the most content overall.

    Netflix has offered enough reality TV for most customers. However, the service must improve before competing with Hayu. Depending on your area, the specialist service has around 350 reality shows, 8,000 episodes, and 10,000 hours of programming.

    4. Home Theatre Features Comparison

    Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound and/or Dolby Atmos are audio formats compatible with high-quality streaming on Netflix. However, to watch in Atmos, you must subscribe to the more expensive Premium plan, which costs $19.99 per month.

    Dolby Vision and HDR10 are the two high-dynamic range video formats that Netflix supports. Both demand you subscribe to the Premium plan, which grants you access to the 4K Ultra HD resolution. The Standard plan, which is the middle tier, streams in full high definition (1080p).

    There is no possibility to enhance the content on Hayu to a higher resolution than the standard 4K or high definition.

    5. Offline Viewing Comparison

    Most of Netflix's content may be saved locally on your device and viewed without an internet connection using the Netflix app. The application may be downloaded onto gadgets running iOS, Android, Fire OS, Chrome OS, Chromebook, Chromebox, and Windows 10 and Windows 11 on tablets and personal computers.

    Within the Hayu app, which can be downloaded on mobile devices running Android or iOS, users can download shows. We are sorry to say, but an application isn't available that allows downloading to a desktop or laptop computer.

    6. Device Support Comparison

    Netflix is one of the few streaming services supporting Facebook Portal and Windows Phone. This makes Netflix a frontrunner in terms of device compatibility, as it is compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and Roku.

    Netflix can be accessed on nearly every smart TV, the majority of pay TV set-top boxes (STBs), Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. You can find a complete list of the supported devices on the Netflix website.

    The list of devices that Hayu is compatible with is not as extensive. You can view it through online browsers and the Hayu app, which is available for Android and iOS. Things get complicated when you are independent. Hayu supports Amazon Fire TV in 16 of its 29 markets, whereas others like Roku are only in 4 of those markets.

    7. Simultaneous Streaming Comparison

    Both services' base packages only let one stream, and Hayu's $5.99 monthly cost is $4 less than Netflix's. However, families, or even two roommates, typically can't get by with just one stream.

    Only Netflix offers upgrades to gain extra streams, with Standard allowing two screens and Premium enabling four screens. And although the Standard plan is the most costly per screen at $7.75, the Premium plan is the least expensive at $4.99.


    Netflix has Hayu beat when it comes to features in every category. Last year, Netflix tied CBS's 47-year record for the most Emmys awarded in a calendar year. In addition, it has garnered 5 Emmys in the previous four years for outstanding reality TV programs. Therefore, Netflix is a better use of your money unless you just watch reality TV.

    However, Hayu is a deal worth considering if you're seeking a cheap addition to your viewing options (or just a huge library of reality TV).

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