Major Tips To Enhance Your Amazon Prime Streaming Experience in USA

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    Amazon Prime Video is one of the most widely used video streaming services in the US. Many of the movies and television shows on Amazon Prime Video are geo-restricted due to licensing limitations; thus, some regions may not even be able to access this content.

    Since it has a greater variety of high-quality media content than other streaming platforms, the Amazon Prime Video US content library is one of the most extensive and well-known. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is your answer if you want to access Amazon Prime Video from any nation.

    However, if you experience that your Amazon Prime not working with a VPN in the USA you might need to get in touch with your VPN service provider.

    If you are an avid Prime Video user, it's time you turn to some not so well known tips and tricks to further maximize your viewing experience.

    6 Major Tips to enhance your Amazon Prime streaming experience in USA

    There are many ways to enhance your US Amazon Prime streaming experience but here are the top six tips that are likely unheard of:

    1. Create a watchlist to help you decide what to watch

    Several OTT providers out there compete with one another by providing a wide range of digital content. While having so many options is undoubtedly beneficial for customers, choosing what to watch can be incredibly challenging.

    To make your pick easy, make a watchlist that's a hundred percent exclusive to you. A list that's totally customizable can take out a lot of stress from deciding what to binge on next.

    2. For improved search, ratings, and categorization, use IMDb

    IMDb is a website dedicated to movie reviews and ratings and is owned by Amazon. You may use IMDb's huge database to look up movies, read reviews of them, and discover more information about them so you can make an informed decision.

    Checking on IMDb for movie info and rating before starting is likely to streamline and enhance your watching experience.

    3. Depending on your preferences, change the audio and subtitles.

    Oscar-winning filmmaker Bong Joon-ho remarked when he received the golden globe award in 2020, "Once you break the one-inch wide gate of subtitles, you will be presented to many more fantastic films."

    It is impossible to disagree with him, but not all subtitles need to be one inch longer, and if you are lucky, your favorite movie might even be dubbed in a language you are more familiar with.

    In addition to letting customers choose the language of the audio and subtitles, Amazon Prime's user interface also offers four options that let you customize the subtitles' font, color, and backdrop to further better your viewing experience.

    4. Download any movie you want to watch on the move

    You are considerably more likely to be somewhere outside your house as pandemic constraints loosen and the world is beginning to reopen.

    If you're among those who enjoy watching movies or TV series on the go, weak internet access might truly be a party pooper. To avoid buffering, Amazon prime lets you download your favorite show or episode so you can seamlessly stream even when traveling.

    5. Try X-Ray to understand what you are watching better

    When you stop a video on Amazon Prime Video while streaming it, the service's user interface displays an "X-Ray" overlay that gives you extra information about the content you're viewing.

    This tool gives an insight into the cast and plot and even provides trivia for some side-by-side entertainment.

    6. Parental restrictions

    You can monitor what your kids are seeing on Amazon Prime Video by setting up a unique PIN code and the authentication mechanisms available.

    You can select the "kids" style when making a profile to only introduce them to kid-friendly games in addition to screening out anything unsuitable for children.


    Amazon has done a great job of creating an experience that just works for people all across the globe. The tips we outlined above are geared specifically towards making the Amazon Prime Video experience more enjoyable and less frustrating. Most of them will take very little time to implement, so you'll have nothing to lose by checking them out.

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