How To Be A More Intelligent Sports Bettor

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    There is a large, and ever-growing number of people who like to bet on sports, with many people preferring it to casino-based betting as a result of the greater scope for improving your abilities. Simply put, as fun as casino betting may be, you can never really get better at playing slots games. When it comes to sports betting, however, you can certainly build on your skills by knowing more about what you're betting on. Many people don't realise that there are a lot of professional bettors out there who make a living from wagering on sports. That's not necessarily something you'll be able to do right away, but you can certainly build up to it.

    Betting intelligently is fundamental to betting successfully. You can never guarantee success in sports betting, but you can increase your chances by making better decisions. And of course it sounds simple if you put it that way, but we do recognise that Cyprus betting sites are full of people who think they are making the right decisions. So to aid you in making smarter sports bets, here are some handy pieces of advice you can build upon to enhance your chances of getting more wins over the bookmakers.

    Match stake to odds

    If you have set a bankroll for betting (and you should, from money that you can afford to lose), then it can sometimes be tempting to make the same size bet every time you place a bet. But you'll never really get ahead of the curve if every bet is £5 or £10, or whatever currency you are betting in. You should make sure to base your stake on the odds you've been offered. Larger bets can be placed on more likely outcomes, while if you have an inkling that an outside bet is going to come off, you should back it with a smaller stake. Based on your bankroll you should have an average bet amount you're comfortable making, and go above or below that depending on the odds.

    Take emotion out of the equation

    There will always be a temptation to back your own team in any bet you make, but this is something that should be avoided. Professional bettors never back their own team, because emotion will always blur the lines. You may think it makes sense to back your team because you know the players, their form, and how they tend to do against certain opponents. But the flipside of that is that you'll never know the opposition as well as you do your team. Plus it's agonising enough to lose a bet, but it hurts doubly when it's your own team that's missed out.

    Always shop around for prices

    If you were going to buy a new washing machine, you wouldn't just buy the first model you see on the first website you came to - at least, not if you have any sense. When it comes to betting, you need to bring the same comparison shopping skills that you use to buy consumer products. If you have a strong sense that that 7/1 bet will come off, then why not check other betting sites to see if you can get 15/2 or 8/1, or even better? A difference of one unit in a betting price can mean you win much more, depending on your stake, so don't leave money on the table.

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