The Galaxy Z Fold 5 – Will It Be Good Enough to Fend Off Apple's Foldable Phone?

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    Although the first 'flip' phone was invented in the 90s, the latest foldable smartphones have only been around since 2018, and the biggest names in the folding phone industry today are Samsung, Motorola, and Oppo.

    All this looks set to change when Apple releases its first-ever foldable smartphone – the iPhone Flip. However, this innovative new device doesn't look set to hit the shelves until sometime in 2024.

    The new Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphone is expected to arrive in August 2023, but will it be good enough to fend off the new iPhone Flip when it eventually arrives? Find out more right here.

    What we know so far about Apple's iPhone Flip

    It appears Apple is finally getting into the foldable phone market with the upcoming release of the new iPhone Flip (that's if Apple even decides to call it that). Let's take a quick look at what we know so far about Apple's first-ever smartphone with foldable technology.

    Although some have suggested that the so-called iPhone Flip will arrive in 2024, others have suggested that it might not be released until 2025. In other words, most of the information about this device right now is just pure speculation.

    If you want to use a foldable phone to stream your favourite 4K Ultra movies and TV shows, play high-end, graphically demanding video games, or you're your favourite online casino games at fully licensed casino sites after claiming your welcome bonus and no deposit bonus in the meantime, you will just have to stick to using foldable smartphones that are already on the market - if you can afford one, as they are quite expensive compared to standard smartphones.

    According to reports, the foldable display panel on the new 'iPhone Flip' will be an LG 7.5-inch OLED. It could even be up to 8 inches, which is bigger than the 7.60-inch Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen. Even more wild theories have suggested it could measure up to 9 inches.

    It's also likely to look different to most other foldable smartphones and incorporate innovative new features and much smoother folding technology.

    What about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5?

    There are several notable updates in the new Galaxy Z Fold 5, although the design and appearance have remained largely unchanged compared to previous foldable phones from Samsung.

    One of the only noticeable differences is that the camera island seems to stick out from the device a little more. It will be made available in light blue, black and beige, and it will be IPX8 water-resistant.

    It will also be better resistant to dust and should come with a dedicated slot for the S Pen. This new device will be slimmer than previous Samsung foldable phones and slightly lighter. Very few other official details and specs have yet to be released.

    What are the best foldable phones on the market today?

    If you're in the market for a foldable smartphone right now, some of the best devices are the following:

    • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
    • Motorola Razr 2022
    • Oppo Find N2 Flip
    • Motorola Razr 2020
    • Microsoft Surface Duo 2

    Whether you go for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the iPhone Flip when they are eventually available to buy, they will both be outstanding devices that won't let you down.

    If you're in the market for a brand-new foldable smartphone from Samsung or Apple, it might be a good idea to wait a while until both devices are on the market and then take the time to read the reviews for both devices before deciding which one to invest in.

    The Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be popular when it arrives, but will it be good enough to fend off anything Apple can release? Only time will tell.

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