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    Reputation is society's perception of the virtues and shortcomings of a particular person's behavior, lifestyle, and achievements. It is a social assessment of a person based on which expectations arise as to how a person will behave in the future. We spoke to the specialists at Reputation House agency about how such a set of perceptions influences success in business. The company has been in the market of reputation services for more than 10 years, having opened 8 offices in different regions of the world, including California, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

    When talking about the importance of a positive reputation, agency employees note that it allows one to build a high level of trust with clients and partners. It opens many doors, increases the number of followers on social media, and increases demand for products. If this intangible asset has a negative connotation, there can be such consequences as the loss of sales markets, advertising contracts, and even careers.

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    Reputation House: Not All Internet Information Is True

    Society is very loyal to people with a positive reputation: they support them, want to cooperate with them, and are highly valued. The following logical chain forms: a customer likes your personal brand, as a result of which they are loyal to your services/products. Then they make a purchase or offer cooperation.

    As Reputation House experts point out, negative reviews, fake news, scandals, and other such things lead to a decrease in the level of trust in a persona. Society tends not to do business with such people and is negative towards their proposals. Accordingly, there is no question of empathy or trust.

    And while it is possible to regain your credibility when communicating face-to-face, it is much more difficult to do so on the web. According to Reputation House, negative reviews are the reason for why customers do not make a purchase in 60% of cases. But it is worth remembering that negative information is not always true. Competitors and ill-wishers can deliberately post false information on the Internet, which defames the reputation of a brand or individual. But the end consumer cannot distinguish between real and fictional information, so public opinion may not coincide with the real state of affairs.

    The Reputation House agency has all the capabilities to form and restore the image of businessmen, top managers, politicians and other personas. Its specialists know how to handle negative material and counteract the schemes of those with malicious intent.

    How Does Personal Online Reputation Get Managed?

    This is a technological process called Online Reputation Management or ORM. The work strategy depends on the person's area of activity and the types of resources where inaccurate materials are published. Reputation House specialists emphasize that the removal of negative content is an extreme measure that is used as a last resort. The agency has experience working with complex tasks that require the use of all methods of reputation management. But there are times when just a few tools are enough to accomplish the task at hand. For example, Reputation House may work with SERM or guerrilla marketing only, instead of using the full range of technologies.

    Reputation House Works in the Following Areas:

    • Semantic collection and query monitoring system setup. Agency staff use various monitoring systems, including IQBuzz, Youscan, Brand Analytics, and Medialogy.
    • Development and coordination of response strategies with clients. The team works with objections, refutes negative reviews, and supports positive statements.
    • Search engine audit for SERM enhancement. The search engine audit that identifies problematic positions for Reputation House to work on in SERM.
    • Guerrilla marketing for effective online Information dissemination. Guerrilla marketing, which allows to quickly and effectively spread the desired information on the Internet. The agents communicate with the interested audience, unobtrusively forming a positive image of a brand or individual.
    • Creation, placement, and promotion of positive content. The selection of materials and information platforms is carried out in coordination with the customer and taking into account the tasks set by him.

    How Does Reputation House Use SERM Tools?

    Reviews, articles, discussions on forums, and social media interactions form the bedrock upon which an individual's image takes shape. With the capabilities of Reputation House SERM, it becomes feasible to push negativity away from the forefront of search results, substituting it with affirmative content. This ensures that prospective clients and partners encounter only trustworthy and confirmed details about you, contributing positively to your image.

    The initial phase of Reputation House's SERM process involves conducting an audit. The gathered data serves as the foundation for formulating a search result optimization strategy, enabling:

    • Maintaining a positive image by publishing information (articles, discussions, and testimonials) that aligns with your desired image.
    • Creating a positive impression among the audience, which involves engaging with online users.
    • Addressing negativity by communicating with the owners of websites that have published misleading information, with the aim of either refuting or removing it.

    After completing a strategic cycle, the Reputation House team analyzes the results and identifies the most effective channels, and content with the highest response. Based on the data obtained, the agency's specialists make a new individual work plan for the persona's image.

    Reputation House is a renowned expert in the field of SERM support. This agency was among the pioneers in introducing this service to the market. Across the years, it has amassed extensive experience collaborating with diverse individuals, aiding them in establishing a consistent and positive image.

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