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  • The Hemingwrite is a distraction-free, 21st century typewriter

    25 October 2014, 10:02 am by: Matthew Humphries

    Before computers became cheap and commonplace, offices around the world were filled with the sound of typewriters. But today the typewriter is all but dead, and for good reason. They were heavy, cumbersome […]
  • Native Union has solved the cable issue with the Night Cable

    24 October 2014, 5:15 pm by: Russell Holly

    Depending on your office setup, there’s a good chance you have a cable for your smartphone tucked away somewhere on your desk. Rather, you would if the cable hadn’t just fallen back behind […]
  • Rogue Tor exit node caught sneaking malware into users’ downloads

    24 October 2014, 4:28 pm by: Lee Mathews

    Some Tor users who were downloading files from the Deep Web may have gotten a nasty surprise recently. A rogue exit node was discovered that was patching malicious code onto binary downloads. These […]
  • Nvidia explains how its grass technology makes a truly next-gen gaming experience

    24 October 2014, 3:28 pm by: Ryan Whitwam

    Forget all those high-resolution textures and expansive real-time environments. The real hallmark of a next generation gaming experience is grass. Specifically, deformable grass powered by Nvidia. The GPU maker has just posted a […]
  • Geek deals: Lenovo Erazer X315 gaming desktop $640, Yoga 8 32GB Tablet $169, more

    24 October 2014, 2:52 pm by: Danny Shain

    Today we’ve got a number of great deals for your weekend, including a sweet gaming desktop, a 55-inch 4K HDTV, Yoga tablet and more. There are also a couple of deals on a laptop […]
  • Apple emails porn to developers to prove their app can be used to view porn

    24 October 2014, 2:31 pm by: Lee Mathews

    Heads up, app developers. Apparently now Apple thinks the best way to prove your app deserves a porn warning is to email you a filthy screencap. That’s what happened to the crew at […]
  • Amazon has $83 million worth of Fire Phones it can’t sell

    24 October 2014, 1:29 pm by: Ryan Whitwam

    You don’t have to go on wondering how Amazon’s Fire Phone gambit paid off. The retailer announced its third quarter financial results on Thursday, and it didn’t go well. Amazon lost nearly half […]
  • How Nintendo’s Amiibo will work in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U

    24 October 2014, 12:30 pm by: Russell Holly

    Nintendo’s first serious jump into the Toys to Life category is going to be fun for all Wii U owners, but if you plan on picking up a copy of Super Smash Bros. […]
  • Bitcasa kills infinite cloud storage plans, increases pricing as much as 10x

    24 October 2014, 11:21 am by: Ryan Whitwam

    Cloud storage provider Bitcasa launched a little over three years ago with a simple pitch: sign up for a paid account and get infinite storage. When the service left beta, the $10 per […]
  • Empire brewery angers Lucasfilm with ‘Strikes Bock’ beer

    24 October 2014, 10:23 am by: Lee Mathews

    Who doesn’t love a good play on words? Lawyers, that’s who. Specifically, the legal eagles at Lucasfilm who think that Empire Brewing Company’s Strikes Bock beer has crossed the line. Strikes Bock by […]
  • Google Inbox is all about replacing Gmail without actually pulling the plug

    24 October 2014, 9:33 am by: Russell Holly

    Inbox is also not a complete thought yet, but it's clear Google has some great ideas for email.
  • ESA’s Rosetta probe confirms that comet 67P really stinks

    24 October 2014, 8:26 am by: Ryan Whitwam

    What does a comet smell like? That’s probably not a question you’ve ever asked yourself, but now that the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta spacecraft is hovering in the general vicinity of 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, […]
  • 3D Realms signals its return with 32-game anthology

    24 October 2014, 7:27 am by: Matthew Humphries

    3D Realms closed its doors in May 2009, and with it (we thought) any chance of Duke Nukem Forever seeing the light of day. But then 3D Realms never really went away. Duke […]
  • Iron Man prosthetic hand makes kids feel like superheroes

    23 October 2014, 4:26 pm by: Lee Mathews

    This is easily one of the most amazing 3D-printed objects we’ve come across so far here at a functional prosthetic hand for kids that looks like it was made by Tony Stark […]
  • Pocket Flyer micro-drone weighs only 80g and stays aloft for two hours

    23 October 2014, 3:31 pm by: Ryan Whitwam

    People are trying to figure out ways to use drones for everything from delivering beer to collecting whale mucus. No matter the application, power and size are a concern. If you want a […]
  • This amazing ‘Icons of Doom’ sculpture will have you scrambling for your copy of Doom II

    23 October 2014, 2:23 pm by: Russell Holly

    For many gamers, Doom was the first-person shooter that started it all. Wolfenstein 3D was cool and all, but Doom offered so much more. The game creeped into your brain and stayed there, filling […]
  • Geek deals: Learn to develop for Android for $10 at Udemy

    23 October 2014, 1:46 pm by: Danny Shain

    There’s a lot to learn out there, and Udemy, with over 18,000 expert-led online courses, aims to be a resource for teaching yourself about anything you can think of. Exclusive to Geek readers, […]
  • Apple Pay users are experiencing double charges, but a fix is on the way

    23 October 2014, 1:27 pm by: Russell Holly

    One of the more interesting features to come with the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was Apple Pay. The folks at Apple finally have an NFC payment solution of their own, […]
  • The IT Crowd may finally reboot on NBC

    23 October 2014, 12:30 pm by: Lee Mathews

    One of the beloved nerdy Britcoms of all time, The IT Crowd, may finally be getting a shot at a U.S. time slot. NBC’s working on a new remake with two seasoned sitcom […]
  • Nanolobes accidentally discovered, could revolutionize a lot of tech

    23 October 2014, 11:27 am by: Graham Templeton

    A team of materials researchers from the University of Michigan has fortuitously discovered that by laying down thin films of organic material slowly and with care, they can easily create odd, lumpy structures […] Actions

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