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  • Feds nail Yelp for violating kids’ privacy rights

    17 September 2014, 1:00 am by: Richard Byrne Reilly

    Yelp chalked up its violation to a "bug" that wreaked havoc in its mobile registration process.
  • How to maximize your ROI from VC introductions

    17 September 2014, 1:00 am by: Minal Hasan, attorney and investor

    Guest Post: In an effort to set them -- and hopefully others -- up for success, I’ve come up with a few pointers that all startups should keep in mind when approaching their network for VC intros that ultimately lead to funding.
  • Ex-Googlers emerge from the shadows with AdBrain, a new mobile intelligence paradigm

    17 September 2014, 12:00 am by: Richard Byrne Reilly

    AdBrain was launched by Ex-Googlers in London. It emerged from stealth on Tuesday,
  • Midwestern app maker Bluebridge lands $1 million to expand apps-as-subscription model

    16 September 2014, 10:50 pm by: Barry Levine

    The client company gets the ability to choose app functions, a branded app that is handled through review and placement in the Apple or Google stores, a DIY mobile management service,, unlimited support, and strategic advice. Oh yes, and one iteration/quarter,…
  • The exit: Things every startup founder should know

    16 September 2014, 9:30 pm by: Erik Bovee, SpeedInvest

    Guest Post: Is your startup about to make an exit, or thinking about it? Here's what you should know.
  • ‘Who’s Got Game’ winner channels Pokémon Snap with Sasquatch photo game

    16 September 2014, 9:15 pm by: Jeffrey Grubb

    Bigfoot Hunter developer The Tap Lab will get a $5,000 scholarship for YetiZen's game-accelerator program.
  • Tencent looks to the West for innovation in untapped genres coming to China

    16 September 2014, 9:13 pm by: Brandin Tyrrel

    Tencent is looking to introduce new genres to its Chinese audience with Western partners.
  • Clive Downie: Zynga looks for ‘creative risk-takers’ and ‘best-in-class technology’

    16 September 2014, 8:43 pm by: Miguel Concepcion

    Zynga's chief operating officer stresses the value of shared experiences where people feel alive and connected.
  • Facebook launches a new ‘best of’ page for media companies

    16 September 2014, 8:30 pm by: Tom Cheredar

    Facebook has launched a new “Facebook Media” page today that’s intended to show off media companies and public figures that use the social service most effectively. The move shows that Facebook definitely puts value in its relationships with media…
  • Kixeye CEO: We only use data science half of the time

    16 September 2014, 8:29 pm by: Jordan Novet

    Apparently, it's OK to follow your whimsy sometimes when designing games.
  • Funding Daily: Docker Day

    16 September 2014, 7:30 pm by: Jordan Novet

    It came sooner than we thought.
  • $4 toast, booth babes, Brent Spiner, and more: The best of Jolie O’Dell

    16 September 2014, 7:16 pm by: Jordan Novet

    Jolie O'Dell was one of a kind. Not convinced? Read some of the stories she's written for VentureBeat.
  • Twitch has a huge, highly engaged audience — and it craves more

    16 September 2014, 6:57 pm by: Jeffrey Grubb

    Twitch is looking to platforms like mobile to increase its viewership.
  • Facebook working on new private group sharing app, report says

    16 September 2014, 6:39 pm by: Mark Sullivan

    The new app, codenamed "Moments" will let mobile users quickly and securely share content with small groups of friends and family.
  • Tech has raised the bar on customer experience higher than ever; here’s why you should care

    16 September 2014, 6:00 pm by: PV Kannan, [24]7

    Guest Post: Here's what enterprises should be aiming for when setting their customer service goals.
  • Chobolabs raises $1.3M to put hardcore gaming on mobile

    16 September 2014, 6:00 pm by: Heather Newman

    The company, founded by a professional Counter-Strike player, is beta-testing its first title, a platform-shooter.
  • Marketing software maker Kenshoo makes a move and buys SaaS provider Adquant

    16 September 2014, 5:18 pm by: Richard Byrne Reilly

    Marketing software maker Kenshoo pulls the trigger and buys Adquant, in a move to bolster the power of social media marketing campaigns.
  • Rackspace is officially no longer looking for a buyer

    16 September 2014, 4:34 pm by: Jordan Novet

    The move shows Rackspace's clear intentions of playing hard in the managed-cloud world. But it also suggests the right sort of buyer didn't show up with the right sort of proposal.
  • NASA chooses Boeing & SpaceX to transport a human crew on deep space missions

    16 September 2014, 4:21 pm by: Tom Cheredar

    It’s a big win for the commercial space industry, as today NASA finally made a decision on which private companies it will charge with transporting its human crew to space on future missions. Today the space agency announced new contracts worth $6.8 billion…
  • Adobe misses on revenue in Q3, adds nearly half a million paid Creative Cloud subscribers

    16 September 2014, 4:10 pm by: Harrison Weber

    Creative technologies company Adobe today released its third fiscal quarter financial results, revealing that it now has 2.81 million paying users for its Creative Cloud subscription service. Adobe’s subscription service is growing, but the company missed…
  • How mobile developer Wooga creates massive hits from the misses

    16 September 2014, 4:02 pm by: Brandin Tyrrel

    Jens Begemann of Wooga explains how his team kills projects to create hits.
  • The Dark Social: Are you game?

    16 September 2014, 4:00 pm by: VentureBeat Staff

    Sponsored Post: If you're part of the games industry, you know how incredibly competitive and fast the market is. You can work for months up to the buildup of the big release day and still be frustrated with the lack of hype surrounding your product.
  • Breakout Gaming Announces New Coin and Gaming Destination

    16 September 2014, 3:34 pm by: Business Wire

    Press Release: Breakout Gaming (BRO), a budding leader in cryptocurrency technology and game development, announced the launch of the first destination for online gaming and digital currency with the support of an all-star roster of sponsored players....
  • Getting more users, monetizing your apps: Presenting the Los Angeles mobile developer roadshow

    16 September 2014, 3:14 pm by: John Koetsier, VB Insight

    Join VentureBeat in Los Angeles for an invitation-only, half-day event where you can learn about mobile app monetization and user acquisition from some of the top experts in the field.
  • Walking Dead studio Telltale Games: We have franchises coming to us now

    16 September 2014, 3:11 pm by: Mike Minotti

    The Walking Dead developer is doing well after humble beginnings.

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