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  • Try Windows 93 Today

    Thu 12:35pm
    What if Microsoft released an operating system in the chasm between Windows 3.1 and Windows 95? It might look something like Windows 93, an interactive art project by Jankenpopp and Zombectro that you can try right in your browser.
  • Yosemite Hackintosh with UniBeast and MultiBeast

    Thu 12:33pm
    Those who are eager to try out OS X Yosemite on any compatible Intel-based PC can follow a simple guide to install the same using UniBeast tool. The UniBeast tool creates a bootable installer via downloaded version of OS X Yosemite.
  • eComStation, OS/2 Warp and WarpStock

    Thu 12:31pm
    The Warpstock annual conference was held on Oct 24 to 26 on St. Louis, Missouri. These conferences are related to the OS/2 and eComStation platform. Currently there are two reviews of the event online at OS2World and at WarpCity2 blog. Between the relevant…
  • Osquery From Facebook

    Thu 12:29pm
    Facebook released an open-source tool for monitoring operating system state changes across large infrastructures, which could help engineers quickly diagnose performance and security issues.
  • Microsoft Band: A wearable device with support for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

    Thu 3:17am
    It's got a built-in GPS, so you can wear in around and don't have to take your phone. It's svelte and stylish. The display is small (keeping the device small) but it's high resolution and touchscreen. In addition to all the standard quantified self stuff, it…
  • Windows Update Bricking Counterfeit USB Dongles

    Wed 12:44pm
    The FTDI FT232 chip is found in thousands of electronic baubles, from Arduinos to test equipment, and more than a few bits of consumer electronics. It’s a simple chip, converting USB to a serial port, but very useful and probably one of the most cloned…
  • NoPhone Promises Unparalleled Interaction With Reality

    Wed 12:32pm
    "The NoPhone is shatterproof, waterproof, doesn't have a camera, is Bluetooth incompatible and probably doesn't bend, but you'll be too immersed in the real world to know or care" reports The Independent. Could well be revolutionary.
  • Visopsys 0.75 Released

    Wed 12:31pm
    Visopsys is an alternative OS for PC-compatibles. Version 0.75 is the third update this year, and is particularly focused on hardware, adding USB 3.0 (XHCI) and APIC interrupt controller support, as well as improved USB 2.0 and hub support. Downloads are…
  • On Asm.js

    Wed 12:27pm
    Asm.js deserves closer inspection for two reasons. First, it's the one "native browser VM" that doesn't massively reinvent wheels. Second, it's the only time a browser vendor's "next-gen JS" attempts have actually gotten everybody else to pay attention. But…
  • Serious wget Security Flaw Discovered

    Wed 12:26pm
    A critical flaw in the open-source Wget application that is widely used on Linux and Unix systems for retrieving files has been patched quietly. A Metasploit module is available for testing. The disclosure is here. Red Hat's bug report is here.
  • HTML 5 Finalized

    Wed 12:19pm
    Ars tells us The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the industry group that oversees the development of the specs used on the Web, today announced that the fifth major version of the hypertext markup language specification, HTML5, was today given Recommendation…
  • What's Up With Android and Chrome OS?

    Tue 4:59pm
    Cnet interviews Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai, who's in charge of both Android and Chrome OS, and asks whether the two Google OSes will work more closely together or eventually merge. Merger is apparently not on the roadmap. The interview covers…
  • 20 Tips to Use Yosemite Like a Pro

    Tue 4:51pm
    Macworld UK has the details on minor interface and usability tweaks that are new or expanded in OSX Yosemite. Did you know that RSS support in Safari is back? That you could see an overview of all images that a chat partner has sent? That you can un-flattify…
  • How to Get Yosemite's Handoff to Work

    Tue 4:44pm
    I guess today's the day that people finally got around to trying to make Handoff work, because both Time and Gizmodo published short articles outlining the finicky steps it takes to get your Mac and iOS device to recognize each other. The key step seems to be…
  • Mozilla Wants Firefox OS to Have a Feed on Raspberry Pi

    Tue 3:00am
    Mozilla is hoping its Firefox OS can capture the interest of developers building media players and robotics with Raspberry Pi boards.