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  • IoT Next Surveillance Frontier, Says US Spy Chief

    3h By Dawn Kawamoto
    US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper delivers chilling remarks regarding the Internet of Things, noting there may come a day when spy agencies may tap into IoT for surveillance, network access, and more.
  • Windows 10 Updates History Site Launched

    3:06pm By Kelly Sheridan
    Microsoft's new Window 10 update history website will contain notes on each update and serve as a hub for information on older releases.
  • Google Killing Off Flash-Based Ads By June

    2:05pm By Michelle Maisto
    While Adobe Flash is little loved, its retirement has been a slow one. Google has announced steps to speed the process, and it will switch over to an HTML5 format in June.
  • VMware VSAN 6.2 Offers Pathway To Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    1:05pm By Charles Babcock
    With the release of its Virtual SAN 6.2 offerings, VMware is looking to make it easier for customers to create and run a hyper-converged infrastructure within their data centers. The company is also introducing "Ready Nodes," which are plug-in data center…
  • Samsung Galaxy S7: 5 Features It Needs

    12:06pm By Eric Zeman
    Samsung's next-generation flagship smartphone is almost here. These are the features we most want to see added to the Galaxy S7.
  • NHTSA: Google's AI 'Driver' Can Qualify For US Roads

    11:05am By Nathan Eddy
    In a letter to the search giant, the NHTSA indicates its support for Google's self-driving vehicles by stating the computer that pilots the car can be considered a driver.
  • Apache Spark Ignites Big Data Adoption

    10:06am By Jessica Davis
    Apache Spark is among the Hadoop ecosystem technologies acting as catalysts for broader adoption of big data infrastructure. Now, Looker -- a vendor of business intelligence software -- has announced support for Spark and other Hadoop technologies. The goal?…
  • IoT Reality: Smart Homes Not Smart Enough Yet

    9:06am By Thomas Claburn
    The Internet of Things needs standardization and easier programming options. Until then, the promise of IoT for consumers remains unfulfilled.
  • CIO's Journey: From IT To Cloud Service Provider

    8:06am By Charles Babcock
    Rhonda Winter held three CIO posts in Indianapolis, including one overseeing IT for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the home of the Indianapolis 500. Then she decided to join Bluelock and provide future cloud services to enterprise CIOs.
  • 7 Ways IaaS Delivers Business Value

    7:06am By Andrew Froehlich
    Managing a modern data center is a daunting -- and expensive -- task if you go it alone. But partnering with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers can help. Here are seven ways IaaS can pay off for your organization.
  • Google, Apple Aim To Kill Passwords

    Tue 2:16pm By Dawn Kawamoto
    Apple, Yahoo, and Google are making inroads into enabling smartphones to become a replacement for entering passwords -- a move that may not come soon enough for some users and help desks.
  • MIT's Eyeriss GPU Could Transform IoT, AI

    Tue 1:05pm By Michelle Maisto
    MIT researchers have developed a GPU called Eyeriss that could enable algorithms to run locally and instantly, instead of sending raw data into the cloud. This means that a future version of Siri could get you answers much faster.
  • Apple TV Gets Voice Dictation In Latest Round Of OS Betas

    Tue 12:06pm By Eric Zeman
    Apple pushed out new builds of tvOS, watchOS, iOS, and OS X this week, adding features and improving performance along the way.
  • Facebook Faces Trouble In France For Tracking Non-Users

    Tue 11:05am By Nathan Eddy
    The CNIL, France's data regulation authority, has issued a formal notice to Facebook, warning the social network that it needs to fairly collect data concerning the browsing activity of Internet users who do not have an account.
  • Education IT: Hot Tech Trends To Watch

    Tue 10:06am By Esther Schindler
    Cloud, big data, and security are all big factors in education IT this year. At the same time, there is a cultural shift taking place not only among the student body, but within the demographics of the IT departments themselves.
  • BIOS Hack Detection Added To Dell Enterprise Security Suite

    Tue 9:06am By Larry Loeb
    With millions of machines potentially vulnerable to attacks on their BIOS firmware, Dell has introduced a verification tool designed for enterprise IT to monitor user's machines and intervene if an attack is detected. The cloud-based tool takes a different…
  • Gartner BI Magic Quadrant: Inflection Point Has Arrived

    Tue 8:06am By Jessica Davis
    Reflecting the fundamental transformation in the market, Gartner has changed how it evaluates vendors in its 2016 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics. Only three vendors survived the cut and stayed in the Leaders Quadrant. Here's a look at the changes.
  • 10 Unique Perks At Tech Companies

    Tue 7:06am By David Wagner
    Tech companies are well represented on Glassdoor's rankings of the top beyond-the-basics perks and benefits offered to employees. See 10 of the most interesting and surprising.
  • Google's Next Cardboard Could Be Plastic

    Mon 4:35pm By Thomas Claburn
    Google is said to be preparing an updated VR headset. The new version could include more sensors, higher quality lenses, and a plastic shell.
  • Comic: Respect Your Elders

    Mon 3:05pm By Brian Moore
    In tech, we tend to like the new and shiny. But never forget the power of legacy systems, whether they are actual systems or just older IT pros.