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  • Starbucks overhauls its Android app, brings shake to pay and new widgets

    18 September 2014, 8:54 am by: Daniel Bader

    Starbucks has finally brought the design overhaul to its Android app that was promised back in February for the spring season. With a new interface, shake-to-pay, a more comprehensive history...
  • Amazon announces new Snapdragon 805-powered Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

    18 September 2014, 8:16 am by: Daniel Bader

    Amazon has issued a significant upgrade this week to its flagship tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, boasting some of the fastest internal components of any device on the market....
  • Amazon unveils pocket-sized Kindle Fire HD 6 and refreshed Fire HD 7 tablets

    18 September 2014, 7:36 am by: Daniel Bader

    Amazon unveiled a brand new tablet, the Kindle Fire HD 6, along with a refreshed 7-inch model this week, as part of its annual hardware refresh. Coming to on October...
  • iOS 8 Review: Subtle Charms

    17 September 2014, 10:13 pm by: Daniel Bader

    iOS 8 is here, and while it’s not the comprehensive visual update that iOS 7 was over its predecessor, Apple has garnished its mobile operating system with enough new functionality...
  • CRTC issues $250k fine to Thrift Magic for violating telemarketing rules

    17 September 2014, 9:27 pm by: Ian Hardy

    The CRTC has come through on its promise to protect Canadians from unwanted telemarketing calls. A few week ago, the CRTC handed Québec Loisirs a fine of $200,000 for violating the...
  • Microsoft drops annual renewal fee for Windows Phone developers

    17 September 2014, 8:50 pm by: Jane McEntegart

    The success of any platform lies with those developing for that ecosystem. Microsoft is hoping to make things a little easier on Windows developers with the removal of the annual...
  • Google’s rumoured Android Silver program might be dead in the water

    17 September 2014, 8:12 pm by: Douglas Soltys

    Android Silver, the rumoured software standard and certification process Google hoped would replace its Nexus program, might not come to fruition. The Information is reporting that the unannounced program is...
  • Sony revises its annual earnings forecast to adjust for C$1.6 billion “impairment charge” on…

    17 September 2014, 7:24 pm by: Jane McEntegart

    Sony is good at a lot of things, but the company hasn’t been excelling in mobility as of late. The last few years have given us three nearly identical flagship...
  • Nokia says Lumia 830 coming soon to Canada

    17 September 2014, 5:58 pm by: Daniel Bader

    Down on a lack of Lumia announcements recently? Well, Nokia promised and now it is delivering. First, the Lumia 635 came to Rogers, TELUS and Fido, and now a bigger,...
  • Here are the best third-party keyboards available for iOS 8

    17 September 2014, 4:33 pm by: Douglas Soltys

    Some of the best features in iOS 8 aren’t features in themselves, but the way in which the platform has opened up to allow third party developers more access for...

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